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I Could Sure Use Some Help

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by hopeinal, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Hi all, I'm a vaper & a stoner & now I need help with something entirely different. Last night, right after my boyfriend & I finished texting & said good night, I received a weird text from him---all in symbols. To me it looks like sexting. I don't think he has a clue what it means & somehow accidentally forwarded it to me.
    There have been some trust issues before this, but this is serious to me. We're supposed to be in an exclusive relationship but if some female is sexting him then that isn't the case, leaving me worried about STDs etc.

    I'm going to attempt to post the image here. Any help gratefully accepted. Hoping maybe someone here can decipher it.

  2. I'm not super hip to the emoji sexting game but I read it as...

    69 69 anal 69 69 69

    69 of course meaning the sex act.
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  3. Whoa thanks & yeah that's pretty much what I thought and to me the "soon back end" is sorta self explanatory. Like they've already had missionary sex & now she's promising anal next. Oh dear. lol
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  4. How old is your boyfriend to be texting in symbols lol
  5. Just ask him if it meant 69 69...etc. Maybe he's too nervous or passive to just bring that kind of stuff up and he was trying to see if you pick up on it.
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  6. Thanks, y'all, but I really very seriously doubt that he wrote & deliberately sent me the text. He seems genuinely baffled by what the symbols mean & he isn't the least bit savvy about internet stuff. As I said we had just finished texting & said good night maybe seconds before I got that text from him. I think he got it from someone & then accidentally sent it to me. I don't know much about sexting myself but I'm a little more up on stuff like that than he is.
  7. Probably got sent accidentally as he was putting his phone in his pocket.
    I wouldn't worry about it.
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  8. Thanks. I'm worried about who sent it to him. I've asked him, of course, but he denies ever getting it or writing it & it has to be one or the other. lol
  9. thats definitely not sexting. its just random emojis. you have serious trust issues if the first thing that comes to your mind after seeing that is "omg hes sexting some other girl". complete overreaction.
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  10. If you read my question, you'll see that I don't think he sexted anyone. Just the opposite. Trust issues? No, just not a fool that wants to risk my life on whether or not someone is telling the truth. As far as spelling good night, that's silly. I mean here's your quote Royal Dabber: "not even spelling it wright is a sign" lmao It's RIGHT, not wright. This is comical. You're criticizing someone's spelling. lol And you might watch Jerry Springer but I assure we don't. So who's the Neanderthal here? Again...lmao. This is why a lot of people don't feel free to visit forums like this one. There are lots of nice, genuinely helpful people & then there are a-holes who just like an excuse to be nasty.
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  11. you clearly stated that you were worried he was sexting a different girl and the message got forwarded to you... might wanna read your first post again.
  12. Not enough info to make a determination. Its up to you to determine. It sounds like you guys are in a dating relationship living at separate places.

    It looks as if you guys were joking around about something because he says 'lol' at the beginning of the text you showed us.

    Maybe he tried to be funny with the symbols and you didn't understand it. So instead of explain it, he just dropped it to save himself the embarrassment of owning up to a shitty joke. I do this quite often. Not sexting, shitty jokes.

    You are going to have to trust him, and he you. This is easier said than done though, as we are scared to lose the things dearest to us.
  13. It’s hilarious how you keep judging her man on one short form expression for “good night” in a text all while completely failing to use remotely correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling in all of your responses here. Crazytown.
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  14. Wow, I'm a guy, an older guy. I don't mean to be harsh but grow up.
    Confront him directly watching for his response, I bet it's nothing and your are acting like "fatal attraction " or something.

    If you cannot trust your boyfriend, then maybe it's time for a break because being a guy ain't easy shit, dealing with crazy women.

    If you confront him, and he is a dickhead, I hope you are smart enough to spot it, because he doesn't deserve you.

    If you think, he could lie too your face and you not know, may I suggest googling signs of lying, because they do exist, I'm not CIA or anything but just the facts.
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  15. Hey Wsg! Long time no see since you left for Camp Peary, or as you guys affectionally refer to it as “The Farm” down in Williamsburg VA! How did your basic cia training go? I hear it’s rough!

    I just sent you an email - are you still using Wsg@cia-gov.com?



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  16. I love how people make profiles here to ask one astoundingly specific thing.
  17. Happens daily.

    But hey, we all had a first post at one time or another.

  18. It's you're, not your. Wherever you got your high education, I'd ask for my money back.

    Just saying.
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  19. I blame NCIS for kids learning to talk like this.
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  20. Your post made me realize why I'm happy being single and not having to explain every little detail of my life to prove I'm trustworthy and not a cheater.
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