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I could smoke 6 bowls of dank and not get really stoned.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by QP3, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Its not much different then smoking 1 bowl or 2. How long of a tolerance break should i take and how do i get through it easy.
  2. your not the only one like this. i used to be like that. take a week off and see how it goes at the end. or maybe you aint gettin' dank

  3. Its dank,

    Buddahs dream, white widow, etc... from dispensary
  4. you may just be smoking yourself sober, or smoking until you can't get any higher. either way, a t-break is a definite good idea. you'll feel tons better and when you finally do smoke you'll be on the fucking moon :D. really it all depends on how much you smoke in one sitting and how often you do smoke. if it's like 2-3 bowls daily then a break of a month should do just fine.
  5. hmmm Im pretty sure 6 consecutive whole bowls, being like .3 or .4 each of good dank in a row would get about anyone high imo..
  6. That sounds unreal. 6 bowls and not really get high? Take a t break for 1-2 weeks and see if that doesn't help.

    Get through it with this: Official T-Break Support Group

    Me too, but if this person isn't lying out of their ass, it obviously doesn't.
  7. No real need to lie about it. I think one thing is i smoked to often to begin with. I also think more physical activity would help as school and work has been preventing me from running and whatnot. Maybe if i smoked in some unqiue places to stimulate my mind more, or had cooler friends to have smarter discussions with. Oh well. T-break probably coming soon.
  8. You just need a t-break then just smoke a bowl or 2 at a time

  9. moe like a blunt uh two nigguh:hello:
  10. I would have to say I agree with this statement. :rolleyes:
  11. You don't get all?
    that's about what it was for me a while back, but damn did I smoke a LOT
    How much do you smoke?
  12. Take a T-Break and see how it goes. But 6 bowls seems like it would get anyone high..
  13. 6 bowls is pushing it man. I guarentee if you ripped the shit out of each bowl and suckedit down far and held it in 5+ secs you would be stoned. If 6 aint gonna do it then you might as well say I could smoke 15 bowls and not get
  14. haha i love how i have just never accumulated a tolerance in 6-7 years of constant consistant smoking..... but OP, either t-break it, buy hash oil which will probably get you high if you skillet rip that shit (but will further ruin your tolerance) or.... deal with it hahahahahha

  15. Yeah, if you don't hold it into your lungs then maybe that's a possibility.
  16. Same...I maybe have gone 3 or 4 whole days in the past year where I didn't smoke, and If i were to rip 1 bowl of dank right now, I would be high instantly.


  17. Ive gone 4 days (trip to vegas) in 2 years where i havent smoked and before those 2 years...the longest were a few 5 day breaks on vacations as well....1 bowl gets me fucking high as shit hahahaha and i smoke a half oz of meds a week
  18. if you have access to a dispensary, get some hash or oil! :hello:
  19. You mean your just never get smoking doesnt change anything....your high and just dont realize it bc your normal is high not sober...those 6 bowls just dont matter if all your CBD and THC receptors are fully activated....your just never allowing them a chance to cool in the middle of a short experimental 1 week T break and im going to cali this weekend and im gonna smoke the whole way their ill let you know how it turns out...i was getting less high than when i smoked schwag and my high was just drawn out through the whole day and never felt like i was getting stoned when in all actuallity i just wasnt getting sober enough in between getting high
  20. Well first ask your self "Why the fuck am I smoking like 6 bowls when I could feel the same effect from 1 or 2 bowls?"

    Then, take a break for at least a couple of weeks, and smoke less to keep your tolerence low.

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