I could have died....:/

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    Okay so tonight was one of the worst fucking nights ever. Me and my buddies were down the valley near my house in my buddys jeep and we were fucking around a bit but ended up flipping the jeep into a ditch. I was baked as fuck and tripping the hardest balls in the world. We were driving on a sketchy ass rocky road and he lost control started skidding and biffed into the ditch where we rolled.

    Me and my one buddy were sitting in the back and my friend kinda fuckd up his forehead he has a big ass bump on it.

    Also the paramedics showed up and took our vitals and shit and the cops took all our names and shit.

    When i got out of the car i felt fine injury wise just high as fuck and shook, and im pretty sure im alright no one was knocked the fuck out or killed so thats all that matters, heres a pic.

    Anybody else ever flip or get into a bad accident?

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  2. Be careful man.
  3. :eek:

    come on man, stop fucking around and don't drive into ditches. you got lucky no one got injured badly
  4. Ouch, jeep got totalled huh. Please tell me the driver wasn't drunk/tripping.
  5. Yeah I flipped a Jeep about a year ago, I stole gas (long story) at like 5 am and wanted to haul ass out the town I was in toward Iowa, but there was a big cold front with snow and the road was super icy and it was windy, and doing about 70mph I started to slide toward the median of the highway, hit the median, and the Jeep flipped. I was completely fine, wearing a seat belt is pro, but the car was fucked. Worst part was I didn't have good winter clothes and it was -10F out and I almost got hypothermia, so that sucked. Big Picture: Jeeps like to roll, especially when the start to slide, they throw their weight around, so drive very slow in those mother fuckers when it's slippery in any way (i.e. gravel, ice, snow, rain, etc.) :) good story though but yeah be careful that shit sucks!
  6. From the sound of your story I thought it was a small cliff. Sucks that ya flipped but I've seen some pretty nasty shit before. It really doesnt look to bad.

    Who the fuck was driving? He was an idiot to let that happen.

    Glad you weren't seriously hurt though. Your friend could of gotten you killed for his poor choices.
  7. lol me and my friend were fucking around in this quad / truck. its like a quad but with a truck like box in the back. anyways we did a drift way to fast and put it on its side. i was thrown out and it landed on top of me. my friend bonked his head on the bar and had a red mark. he was stumbling around dazed and didnt help me lift the thing off myself. i just found a mass amount of strength and lifted it off me. it was crazy.

    my car was also hit by a Logging semi and my flying fox harness failed me once but thats another story.

    one question though. during the flip, did you see in black and white or in colour. during all my experiences i didnt see in black and white; but thats an old myth.
  8. Last year, in August, it had been dry for weeks, which is rare here. Then, it started pouring down rain. I was driving down a windy road as a shortcut to where I was going, I lost my attention, overcorrected, and lost control of the car. It was an understeer skid, so I slammed headfirst into a big boxvan, spun the car around counterclockwise 360 degrees, and rolled off into a ditch.

    At least, this is what witnesses say. It's all blurry to me. Once I lost control, my mind was blank.
  9. glad no one was hurt man...its always nice to get a lesson for a discounted price.
    i had a near death experience a few months ago. i have no memory of the accident but i survived and have been very happy with my recovery. i was never scared about dying. the way i look at it, ill be dead so whats it matter to me?
    i dont feel like i missed out on all the time from the big bang until 1989 (when i was born), so why would i worry about missing out on all the time after i die?
    is this a sad way to think about death? maybe i should be more like "theres so much i want to do before i die, if i died tomorrow it would be such a shame"
    there are tons of things i want to do before i die, but if i die tomorrow i am dead and will never think of those things again.
  10. Life lesson learned, don't fuck around when driving. Not only are your lives at stake when you drive but others as well.
  11. Uh, seriously dude, are you implying that the "evil" ditch had something to do with this? :rolleyes:

    OP, hope that some lesson was learned here, as you all had an angel looking out for you and everyone else on the road at the time. Those angels usually don't shine this bright the second time around.

    Glad everyone is OK, but hopefully your driver won't get that fucked up and get behind the wheel next time.

  12. you got all intellectual with your thoughts on death and didn't even tell us about the experience.
  13. =\ that sucks when things happen like that when your baked.. me n my buddy were pretty baked my buddy was driving his small ass pick up on this highway and we were only like 2 miles from his house when we had a stoner moment and he kinda just quit looking at the road... anyways he drifted off the road and we went into a ditch that had water in it.. we slid in the ditch and we "got in the water" (as his baked ass explained it) we quickly bailed out of the pick up as we thought we were gonna die lol.. the water got into his truck but it wasnt too deep.. anyways this guy was super nice even though it was illegal (need to call a tow truck on US highways or some shit) .. and pulled us out.. we got out and his truck ran and we were hella shook up and still hella baked... we tried to get over the whole ordeal over a few bowls... oh and p.s. there were twinkies and pop that got wet (but in there plastic wrapper/can's) but our stoner asses ate/drank em anyways :smoking::smoking::smoking: scary shit.. dont recomend it.
  14. good story bro. stay safe
  15. ya be safe. Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?
  16. awhile back, my buddy and i were hanging around downtown when our friend rolled up in his civic. the friend let my buddy drive the civic around the town for awhile, i was gonna get in back but it was way too crowded with random shit like soccer balls and cleats and bags and stuff. i decided id just walk to the store. so i get there, i get my shit, walk out, and i see my buddy tearing ass in the civic. he was going about 50 down a slope that went to a curb, i thought he was going to go up onto the curb but nah, he tried to drift it. the back tire hit the curb and the car rolled. i was in shock. i dropped my shit (worst part of the night) and it all busted open, i ran over to them and they were alright, just some gashes and shit. the friend busted his finger, and this was the day before graduation, so we all stayed in the hospital til 3 AM, then woke up at 7 AM to get ready for graduation! yeah, fun. haha. the cops were involved but they're lazy as fuck so nothing happened to my buddy or friend.

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