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    I could be a Republican if a pragmatic Individal that I felt was worth supporting presented themselves. I'm currently a registered Democrat.  I dislike the social intolerance that Republicans seem to carry as a badge of honor.  I also realy dislike the hold that the bible belt has on the Republican platform. There are many of us waiting to vote Republican again. We're simply waiting for the party to make a turn in the right direction.  Which is something I fear they may decide to never do.

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    Thats not what defines the Republican party...the media would have you think that. I am very far from religious and a active Republican. As for intolerance I have yet to experience any of that...to the contrary it seems that if you do not comply with the left side of the houses wises or desires they seek to drum you out of the kingdom. The simple notion of having a idea contrary to a lot of there opinions and your crucified.
    The party already has turned. This fall looks to be a wipe out poll wise, and in states no one dreamed of its to close to call or the Republican is a few points ahead...some some a few points behind. Nearly all the candiates are of high caliber and not crazy.
    Small government, less regulation, less taxes. Its resonating. We have see what the last 6 years have done and anything is better then that. Plus the usual messages they have are failing. War on Women..are we stupid..what war?  Healthcare...well that for the next 100 years is off the table...its been a total disaster. Foreign Affairs...go check the news. The powers that be have even managed to fuck up the Ebola response. Good god it was only 1 person. Companies not paying taxes...seems when Burger King backed by there biggest benefactor underwrote Burger Kings move its ok..took that off the table (Warren Buffet).
    Most of all though vote for who you want but that never leads to anything usually. Better or worse its a 2 party system so pick your poison.
  3. Fuck Obama

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  4. I can't believe anyone who has been paying attention for the last 14 years thinks there is a difference(other then in rhetoric) between the Dems and GOP. I can't really tell the difference(other then rhetoric and color coding terror warnings) between Bush and Obama. I bet who ever we get next is going to be more of the same with maybe an 8% difference.
    The biggest difference I see between the two parties is what industry's they prop up. We need to end this two party system and allow the best candidate to win, not this pick your poison BS. Why does voting have to be for poison?
    Why is it so hard to find a fiscal conservative with a liberal social view?
    LO<span style="font-size:18px;">L</span>

    Libertarian is the only chance for real positive change, hold the Obama.
  6. Those are stereotypes. Be more open minded.

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    Being strictly any kind of party is stupid in my opinion. The logic I am republican or democratic therefore I support this is such an ignorant position that I think many people take. I think it's fair to say that you generally vote for republicans or democrats. I feel like party systems create this group mob mentality where no one thinks for themselves, at least for a large percent of our populous. People blindly follow and never learn anything about the real issues except the bullshit that's thrown in their faces by biased media and fear mongering ads.

    Also where do we draw the line on what is a republican and democratic idea. I'm sure that every person who identifies themselves as a political supporter of one group has many things they disagree with that group on even if they don't realize. The point is we put way too much emphasis into party lines and how party's feel which is part of the reason why I feel like there's so much polarization instead of addressing the actual issues at hand. If you don't believe me go read the comments section on cnn, Fox News, and basically every other e publisher that has a comments section or just talk to the people around you. I bet most of the people you talk to will blame the conservatives or liberals for all their problems depending on their political affiliations.
    Well tell someone to run. 99% of my life anyone on the ballot they suck, then the rest I have no idea who it is. I usually vote for whoever is not the incumbent for the 50 that seem to be on the ballot.
    Bad analogy but only one I can think of at the moment..Steve Jobs commented people talk about "Social Networking" but everyone uses just one...Facebook. Same thing with politics everyone talks about other parties etc etc yet aside from the pacs, super pacs nearly every dollar which has to be reported goes to one of two parties for political contributions.
    There are always independents, libertarians, green party etc on the ballot but yet the very people who advocate in mass a "3rd party" seem to vote one or the other..you can see the voting records.
    Ross Perot was the by far the largest 3rd party person to run and he got about 1-20% of the vote. All it did was siphon off one GH Bush and allow Clinton to win. Clintons were loving Perot.
  9. I don't care for Democrats and Republicans. They're the root of every political problem in this country and the reason why nothing ever changes. Their power needs to be toppled and rendered useless. 
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    Republicans and Democrats are the same thing, they just diverge on slightly different issues that are ingrained in the roots of personal and racial biases on each end. If you're still humoring either of these parties, you're only showcasing your own ignorance of 21st century reality, both written in ink and engraved in generations of hearts, minds, and souls. You might as well say "I don't like the mentalities and actions of madmen, and I have a strong sense of justice, so I want to be a member of Congress when I'm older." It's just fucking funny. What's the point of essentially shunning the fuck ups for a party of slightly less braggadocious or elitist fuck ups? If you want change, antagonization of great and powerful nation states is integral. You have to shun or scrutinize the system that tries to fuck you over a million ways to Sunday, instead of being lulled into this false sense of optimism and progression, just because the faces and intensity change every couple of years. If the problems we had 50/60 years ago are still plaguing us to a greater extreme today, none of the authority figures of this country have done their jobs. They have squandered resources, used tax payers dollars to further their own agendas and to bail out people on their dime in the dark. They've amassed war in a sense of bloodshed, as well as completely writing the book on psychological warfare- only the Nazis and Tojo did it better or as good. So like I said, maybe don't advertise being a sucker.
    ever considered that having only 2 political parties to cover the ideologies of 300 million people is completely crazy
  12. The difference between a Republican and a Democrat, is if you prefer salt or pepper on the rotting piece of meat laying on your plate.
    Solid argument! Case closed!  :laughing:
  14. I thought so;)

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  15. I'm registered Independent. I can't possible vote for a Democrat. Their social transformation engineers aren't at all honest or competent! Trading reality for fantasy as foundational building blocks of a nation is, as we are beginning to find out first hand, disastrous in this day and age. Politically correct naivety will get a lot of people killed.
    I can't possibly vote for a Republican, either. They spout off about balanced budgets, lax border security concerns, small, manageable, non-intrusive government, etc, - THEN do the opposite! Witness the creation of a whole new and even more intrusive branch of the federal government - the Department of Homeland Security. Witness the Patriot Act and launching trillion dollar wars that we couldn't afford then or now.
    So I'm kind of screwed. One thing is certain - I won't be "voting for the lesser of two evils" anymore. I will vote for someone that I think is competent and not a total fucking disaster, or else I won't vote at all.
  16. If I was old enough I would run.
    Why not take a closer look at the countries with the highest standard of living and try to emulate them as much as possible through politics
    Seems objectively to be the smartest thing to do for any nation
    Emulation would be a wise course if nations and their people didn't vary so much in so many important socio-economically relevant ways. Just scratching the surface, many have different customs, different demographics, different degrees of cultural diversity, different historical and philosophical traditions and underpinnings, both have as well as lack different varieties of important resources, etc. The particular economic model that works especially well for one nation or group of nations is not necessarily the ideal model for all the rest.
    But only a fool would refrain from at least attempting to understand how the systems that produce the highest standard of livings for the largest number of people around the globe accomplish their comparative excellence. In fact, academics have performed these comparisons and they mostly disagree with each other in their evaluations. However, it does seem obvious from the debate, regardless of ideological persuasion, to conclude what was already mentioned above: what works best for one nation, or a related group of nations, may or may not be best (or even especially good) for another.
  19. Perfectly said. Ive been preaching this forever. People are puppets man.

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    As to the first paragraph; I agree that emulation is tricky if the cultural and socio-economic gaps are too wide. But are the gaps between the top ranked first world countries and USA really that wide? I think one should be careful to dismiss striving for a better nation simply on the basis of 'we're too different, it'll never work'. 
    As to the second paragraph, I think it's hard to argue against the point that certain cultures fit certain socio-political schemes. We've seen what introducing democracy to the middle east resulted in, for example. I wouldn't demand that they follow the Scandinavian, or Swiss, or Japanese model, because it's not at all compatible with where they are on the timeline of civilization. 
    However, the American can, and in my opinion would be better off if they did. Politicians tend to hijack the word socialism and a majority of the Americans I've discussed this with quickly equate social democracy with Soviet-Era McCarthied communism. This is simply not the case.
    Not looking to start a debate on the pros and cons of social democracy. I'm more interested in solutions for America for the future.
    At this point, is the quagmire of political propaganda in Washington so deep that there's no way out without collapse? Is there a chance for new political party, a new politician, a new direction; something that can resolve the deadlock between Democrats and Republicans that is eating USA out from the inside? 
    Is there room for a new political ideology in America, and can it grow to power?

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