I convinced someone to try weed

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  1. And he didn't feel SHIT! One of my best friends, he was always against it, now I finally convinced him to try it, and he didn't feel anything :(. He had like 1/1.5 bowl, and he claimed he felt the same as before. I didn't feel anything my first time too.. Dunno if it's common (or what causes it), but it sucks. He's really funny and he'd be a good smoking buddy.

    Oh woe.
  2. This happens to alot of people but i think its just cause they dont know how to smoke. I would suggest getting a low power bong, one that'll give him plenty of smoke but wont kill the poor kid :devious:

    If you cant afford it then just keep getting him to blaze with you, if he doesnt feel anything the second time then its just him.
  3. Dude that's fine. I didn't feel anything the first few times I smoked. Now I do, HA :smoking::D
  4. you asshole haha. i hate friends that pressure shit... but he probably didn't enhale long. and also i didn't get high my first couple of times my body had to get used to it.
  5. well my friends always told me that you have certain receptors in your head that detect THC since humans do have small amounts of a chemical like Thc and they always said that they just have to grow a bit by smoking then you can get the effect.

    Iidk, I always thought it sorta made sense since the human thc thing is true so why not, but ill be honest i have never researched it until right this sec and so far nothing really good no evidence persay

    but most people thing its just the paranoia of the new smoker and improper technique that keeps you from getting high the first time.

    I like the first way, more interesting.
  6. its common dude, get him to try a few more times and you know he'll love it:)
  7. I didn't get high my first time but the second time I did!!:smoking:
  8. he wasnt inhaling right.
  9. anybody who smokes out a first timer and doesn't get them high deserves to never smoke marijuana again in their lives
  10. You gotta teach him to inhale, 9 times out of 10 when people say they didn't get high thats the problem.
  11. Straight up i wish everyone would realize this as i have but for first time smokers easiest best way by far is THE WATERFAALL BONG you dont have to pull you get mad amounts and there is no way to inhale wrong is foolproof
  12. Clearly teach the ways of the bong...don't assume its easy. Thats what I think, I have gotten every person that started smoking with me high the first time. I was just clear with the instructions.
  13. It's probablly because he didn't wanna smoke.. and you being the jerk friend that you are, forced him to smoke.
    If you really want to smoke, and you smoke a blunt.. you'll get faded.
    but if you ain't trying to blaze it, and you're forced to do it... you ain't gonna enjoy it.
    Kinda like a girl fucking.. if you're forced, it's rape and it ain't too pleasurable.. but if the bitch wants to get fucked and big bad ass repairman Joe sticks his meat in the bitch, she'll enjoy it.

    damn im blown.
  14. I've never met someone who did it against their will...
  15. solution,..........teach him how to inhale

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