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I converted?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by scatfactory, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I got a DBV in the mail today. Got a screaming deal on fleaBay on a brand new one with the carry bag and stuff, cool shit. I must say...I haven't been this high since I was 13..I almost feel retarded. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it. And I will admit, I was confused at how to load it. I loaded it backwards at first and I wasn't even smoking while this happened :rolleyes:

    Now that I got the hang of it, I busted out my my little guy, a cheap piece I picked up at a garage sale from some old lady (that's a story in itself) and used it conjunction with the DBV. Wow. I fill this little thing up with vapor milk and its just so tasty, I probably still shouldn't be doing this with acute bronchitis but it isn't agitating my lungs the slightest bit.

    It's going to be hard to revert back to smoking again after using this...its just so...awesome.


    It doesn't stink much either...I was surprised. It just smells like I left one of my storage jars open. I am very pleased with my purchase...for sure.
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    :smoke: Dude I feel the same way about vaping. I think i'm going to buy DBV or the V-Tower Extreme. Looks like a nice setup you got too..(I don't even want to know about that old lady story) :laughing:.
  3. Haha funny I used my DBV about every day when I had bronchitis, helped a TON.
    Cannabis is great medicine for just about anything, and vaporizing is even better considering smoke is bad for you(not herb itself, just the toxic by products of combustion). If I'm sick I will only vaporize.

    Congrats on converting! How much do you turn up the dial and how much herb are you packin?
  4. Great choice on the DBV.

    Got a suggestion. The next time you hit it thru your bong, put hot water in the bong. As hot as you can get it from the faucet. Just make sure that you don't fill it up too much so you don't get any splash back.

    Report back how ya like it. ;)
  5. yeh its even smooth just in a bong.

    and i wanna hear the old lady story hahaha.
  6. Nice, I've never seen one of those.

    And I would like to hear the old lady story myself XD
  7. I second that
  8. lets hear the old lady story..
  9. DBV works great.. Sometimes too great because it gets you high VERY quickly.
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    I'm still trying to master that. I found that less is really more in this thing. Last night was kind of a learning failure since I started with the scientific method but quickly threw that out the window after the first bowl because I was thinking "this is just too fucking awesome, let's get fucked up!". At that point I was only putting enough in to cover the screen. I'd turn the knob all the way up while I was breaking up my herb and turn it back down to 1/4 when I was ready to vape and then slowly turn it up from there till there was no more vape or it started to taste like ass (whatever came first). One thing I need to get used to is knocking the bowl out and stuff not being 'black' or 'cashed', a few times it felt like I was wasting it :(

    I'll try that later, I'm assuming that will help moisturize the air?

    At first I was thinking to myself "nothing is coming out of my mouth or this machine, the fuck are people online talking about" and then after a few more drags on the mouthpiece, bam. That's what sold me...haha!

    I got the bong at a garage sale in Sun City West, AZ (a place where old people go to retire and die). I work in that area and usually stop at garage sales when I see them because sometimes old people have real cool shit for cheap. I stop at this house and start looking around at everything available on the tables and in the garage. After a few minutes I spot that blue thing behind some movies, upon further inspection I see skulls and am quite puzzled. I pick it up to see exactly what it is and almost drop it laughing when it ends up being a little bong.

    The old lady, who was super nice, came over and I asked her what this blue thing was, she said "I think it's one hell of an ugly vase". I tried not to smile or make any motion that she was incorrect. She told me that her grandson had been living with her but recently was arrested for "possession of illegal drugs" but made it obvious she didn't know what kind of 'drugs', she just knew it was 'drugs'. After she said that I noticed that the movies on the table were a bit to 'new' for Grandma and that the magazines under the stack of movies was "Gameinformer". I asked her how much she wanted for the ugly vase and she said I could take it for five cents because no one else is going to take it. I told her "SOLD!" and ran to my truck to grab a nickel. She asked what I was going to use it for and I told her that it was going to make a "bad ass Halloween centerpiece once i put some dead roses in it," she looked at my sideways and said "to each their own" while sharking her head. That made my day. I stopped at the head shop on the way home to get a new stem and slide since the one acquired was broken (even if it wasn't broken it was a paper thin piece of shit that would of hit like a straw in a cup so I would of replaced it regardless) and I've been using it ever since.

    I think that's the best deal I'm ever going to find...the final cost after the slide and stem was about $15.05. What an awesome day that was!
  11. wow man, makes me want to check Craigslist for bongs now, you got a good deal.

    Yeah about the DBV.. the mist that you exhale does not look very impressive at first and my friends thought the same thing but when it hits you.. it hits you good because you're inhaling the oil vapors and little to no smoke at all.
  12. Just had my dad come over and try it. He didn't understand what it was or how it works...and I still don't think he does.

    When he came over he was kind of excited and asked where it was. I told him I needed to plug it in and warm it up...the look on his face was priceless. I got it out of the bag and plugged it in...the first words out of his mouth when he finally saw it was "you fucking hippies and your toys", that coming from my 60 year old hippie-at-heart dad gave me a pretty good laugh. I warm it up and load a the wand and his next comment is, "that's it? thats not even a bowl." He then was concerned about how it would ignite the herb, repeating "its not on, where's the flame? how is it going to light it?" multiple times.

    I make sure its warmed up and let him take the first drag, he took a very large one and held it in for some time, and exhaled, then looked at me and said, "its broken". I told him to go again, he did and I let him finish what was in the wand. He kept telling me that its broken, I told him to chill the fuck out and wait, after a few minutes he let out a "wow" and explained that after smoking daily for as many years as he has that its just completely different. He said he felt relaxed and most of the same effects as him ripping out of his tinfoil lined tobacco pipe but without the coughing, dry eye and phlegm. He explained that its hard to relate the feeling coming on without the smell of the smoke and actually seeing what you are exhaling.

    He said the taste was quite more intense too. I loaded 2 different kinds so he could see the difference between the two and he was pleasantly surprised. The 2nd of the two was the same stuff I got for him last time and he said that it was the same taste as out of his pipe but with less burnt flavor. I concurred.

    All in all he was very hesitant to say he liked it because it's not as 'traditional' as what he is used to. It was pretty obvious he was feeling the effects and kept saying how 'cleaner' the high felt and at 'how little' we actually used. I may have to get him his own for the holidays. Heh. This is one of the best toys I have bought in a long time!
  13. You should try to hold the vapor in your lungs until nothing is exhaled.

    I pack just enough to coverthe screen as well, but enough so that it doesn't all fall out of place each hit.

    It's important to stir the 'bowl' every few hits and pack it down again with the marble end.
    Turn it up to 1-2 O clock and wait 3-5 minutes, by then it's warmed up and ready to have the whip plugged in. Be careful not to burn it!! It should all be a thorough brown but not dark when it's done.
    It's hard to see any small amount of exhaled vapor in certain light, but you should hold it in until nothing comes out.

  14. So far I haven't burnt anything, you can really taste the difference from "not hot enough" to "omg ignition is imminent". My one and only gripe is that the glass end on the 'pokey stick' they sent me doesn't fit into the wand, so I've been using a bolt (mechanical nuts and bolts, not lighting bolt) that fits perfect to pack it down. Thanks GC community for turning me on to this awesome contraption!!!!!!
  15. Are you serious?? Just use the awesome damn tool it came with.
    I even made a little holder for it on the side of my unit.

  16. I would but...


    FAIL! Haha! Thats as far in as it goes. I can use it to stir the wand, but not pack the wand. That's my one and only complaint.
  17. Wow haha that's pretty fucked up. Oh well you can just use the flat end of a dental pick or something.
  18. dog use the other end of the stick

  19. Well, yeah...but I can't 'pack' the wand with a pointy stick, I can only stir it. That gave me a good chuckle :D
  20. DBV is definitely my next piece to get. Looks sick dude

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