I considered Bob Marley to be our modern day Jesus

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  1. As far as I can tell Bob never turned water into wine, but that's just parlor tricks compared to messages he brings to all of us. Each and every song is meant to listened too & heard. He's teaching you. See my sig for good time.

    Here's just a tiny piece of his Bio. Visit the link for the rest
    BobMarley.com | Life and Legacy | The Life of Bob Marley
  2. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-_NMAllsJc]YouTube - BoB Marley - Could You Be Loved[/ame]

    he's a personal hero of mine. all things love find their way to bob
  3. Academically I disagree with the validity of this portrayal.
  4. He's just a guy who smoked weed and played music to me. Nothing all that special.
  5. That mother fucker smoked too much indica for sure. Good music though...
  6. My friends dad who is a chemist at dupont worked with him. I know somebody who worked with bob marley. He wasn't famous though and they rarely talked but still!!!
  7. You gotta listen to his music. My whole point is that he says very important things in his awesome music. And yes he loved weed as much as we do, prolly more.:smoke:
  8. I love his music. Its very relaxing.

    But to compare him to jesus is a bit much

  9. I watched an interview of him and he was incoherent...
  10. The comparison is the messages they both bring. They're very simple yet enlightening. Make no mistake about it, Bob Marley is a teacher who is also a musician.
  11. isnt that what all rastafarians do with their music?sing and talk about God and life.
    i love Bob and his music does make you think, have you tried midnite?
    he is kinda rasta friendly for the masses and has a good message.

    here is a couple of links,

    rasta man still stand
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvQ_aMP7v2E&feature=related]YouTube - Midnite - Rasta Man Still Stand[/ame]

    blue lotus,
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhhQS66anbQ&feature=related]YouTube - Midnite - Blue Lotus[/ame]

    all my life,
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcbmuWtg8r4&feature=related]YouTube - midnite - all my life[/ame]

    thank the lord,
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kumr9BlxN5A]YouTube - Thank The Lord - MIDNITE (Legenda em Português)[/ame]

    and he has a load of material that i havnt even touched yet.

  12. That's right, Bob Marley actually is who we know him to be, Jesus on the other hand. . .
  13. So true. The Jesus we all know is most likely is a distorted version of who he really was. In fact his name prolly isn't Jesus. The name was lost translation when it went from Aramaic, to Latin, to Greek. Then there was the council of nicea. The great editing of 'holy' scripture
  14. IMO, the modern day jesus would have been Bruce Lee, no doubt. He literally changed the world.
  15. His music is shit. Incredibly boring and unimaginative. I can pick up my guitar and play pretty much any Bob Marley song because it's just upwards strumming on a muted note over and over again, and I can sing about Jamaican politics and smoking weed. His songs have got nothing to do with me. Maybe if I lived in 1980s Jamaica I could agree a little more... get over him though, seriously.
  16. Why?

    Why should he not be compared to Jesus? Hell Jesus' existance cannot be proved, Bob Marleys can...


    Saying that I'm with you, I do think Bob Marley is awesome, but I dont consider him a godly character.
  17. Im pretty sure they have proved Jesus's existence, just not his divinity.

    Even still, Bob has not done hardly anything compared to Jesus. Being Rasta, Im sure he would see it more as an insult. Anyone who believes in God and the divinity of Jesus would never even consider himself on the same level.

    But I see no reason why anyone would consider bob marley the "jesus" of our time. He smoked weed and sang songs. Not exactly prophet material
  18. Ermm no you see what The Beatles said back in the day? "We Bigger Then Jesus"..Well they were bigger then Bob and they almost lost there Fame...

    Won't happen Jesus is Jesus no one can over take his place...Won't happen.
  19. I saw an interview with his widow where she said she thought he was a prophet of some kind.

    It's not hard to imagine Jesus saying the things Marley did in his music. Plus he has inspired millions to love each other and resist oppression. Wouldn't a modern day prophet do those things?
  20. Why don't you make millions by writing some songs and lyrics that resonate far better than Bob Marley's music.

    Oh that's right, you can't. :(

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