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  1. Fuck Cigarrets...had to say it
  2. Oh? And what brought about this insightful opinion?
  3. Newport reds
  4. Clearly not spelling.


  5. ewww

    i roll bugler:smoke:
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    smoked for 4 years.

    Fuck my ego

    Quit for a year now. I hate thinking about them, smelling them, getting drunk cravings. :D

    Cigarettes are absolutely terrible. I know many many many people who's lives would of changed for the better if Cigs never came about.

    The natural should be enough satisfaction. Fuck that noise! :bongin:

  8. u fuck cigs??? :confused:

    wtf kind of fetish is this...I had hope for the world, but now? I'm not so sure
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    hahahaha :eek: damn whaaa what are you talking about man :eek: There's no fetish :eek: ............

    ......But seriously, I do fuck cigs. :smoke:

    hahaha if anyone of my senses has anything to do with a Cig the word FUCKKKK!!!@^#&* just pops right in the head :D . But yeah, I see the point for an edit.
  10. Haha but i was just saying
  11. Fun fact. I didn't know Newport even made a "red" cigarette until like two days ago.
  12. I like seeing people who use cigarettes defend their habit.
  13. Unfortunately, due to the size of my..ya know..i have to fuck cigars...cubans...:p
  14. natural tobacco, not that bad. but since there is basically no natural tobacco available for purchase these days, fuck cigarettes. I smoked for 3 years, so pointless, only reason is cause of the addictive additives, I still enjoy a good cigar or something every once in a while, but smoking 10 cigs a day? Only reason anyone does that shit is cause of additives, that's awesome isn't it. I'd rather not fuck with my brain like that, and my lungs. If you think tobacco is so awesome, just buy like organic american spirits or something, they really don't make that many truly organic additive free tobaccos anymore though. Sad.
  15. Dont smoke tabacco smoke cannabes
  16. or even better, eat cannabis. edibles ftw
  17. So your butthole is too big for a cigarette so you need cigars to fill it?

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