i cheated... need help

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  1. I just started seeing this guy, I really really really really like him and he is great and the relationship is great... the only problem is that i dont see him often; he lives in the suburbs and I live in the city and he doesnt have a car and the train station is too far from his house to walk. So we really have not too many chances to see each other.

    Last night, I was at a friends house getting super wasted. And I was talking to one of his roommates for a while. We took some shots, and I was going to head home because I was really really drunk and needed to go to bed. As I was leaving my friend's roommate kissed me. I immediately felt like shit and turned to go and he insisted that he walk me home so we walked back (I only live around the corner) and I said goodbye and went inside, we didnt kiss goodbye or anything.

    I ran right upstairs and woke up my roommate. it was 4am, and I am so glad she was willing to wake up and talk to me for a half hour while i drunkenly cried about it. Now its the next day, I already texted my boyfriend casually telling him to call me when he gets home from work, and I guess I'll tell him what happened.

    Im freaking the fuck out though, i really like him so much and the last thing I would want is for this relationship to end... especially when it just started and it was so good...
  2. I wouldn't consider that cheating unless you initiated the kiss. Just tell your boyfriend and have him post here asking if he should kick his ass or not. :wave:
  3. that doesnt constitute as cheating in my books. as long as you diddnt get intimate with him :)
  4. What kind of kiss? Like on the cheek?

    Anyways honesty is the best route, as you already know, so good luck!
  5. it was like a make out. and this is irrelevant, but it was THE WORST kiss i have ever experienced.
  6. It happens. As a guy I've been to parties, and been completely obliterated. I've grabbed random ladies and just started tongue fucking them not knowing if they had a boyfriend or not.

    Just be honest with your boyfriend, thankfully it was just a kiss and didn't escalate into full on penetration, or rape.
  7. How long did the kiss last
  8. Don't be sad life has given you a great lesson learn from it don't get so wasted you don't know what you're doing so you won't feel guilty about it next day... a lot of life's problems can be avoided this way ..as for not seeing your guy that often that's what vibrators and video chats are for...
  9. The fact that you felt horrible and ran away from that jerkoff homewrecker says alot about you.

    You're not a bad person. I'm sure he'll forgive you. You seem to really care about him alot.
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    I personally would dump you if I was dating you.

    Making out while drunk? Okay, forgiveable after a while. Definitely would make it clear you can obviously no longer be going out and drinking if you want me.

    Allowing the same man to walk you home so he knows where you live? Have a nice life.

    Hope your boyfriends more forgiving than I am.
  11. Naught, hope he leaves ya
  12. The kiss involved tongue?
  13. She just said she made out with the dude.

    I dunno, I hope he leaves the OP. Will teach her a lesson about slapping douches who randomly kissing you, rather than inviting them to walk you home... :mad:

    Women like her use "alcohol" as an excuse, but no, she's an adult and it's not an excuse for idiotic behaviour any more.
  14. Ya I would def leave your ass, sorry but right off the bat in a new relationship, u should have seen him comin for the kiss and stopped it.. My 2 cents anyways
  15. Alcohol can cloud judgement very intensely. So you've never done something stupid while drunk? You're a damned liar if you say yes.
  16. i never invited him to walk me home, he said he wanted to, i said no, but he insisted. i live around the corner, literally, it takes 10 seconds for me to get to my house, and he already knows where i live... honestly i was so drunk that it probably is a good thing that he walked me (i live in the ghetto and its sketchy at 4am)
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    I don't drink because I know it makes you do stupid shit.

    As I've said before, you chose to drink around the wrong people while sober. Your judgement only became clouded after you made that decision. You're not 14, you can't blame it on the alcohol.

    And you didn't bother to say anything like "I have a boyfriend, it was fucking horrible of you to kiss me like that. I don't think we can be friends if you're going to do that"? No offence, but once again... this just proves to me you are not the type of woman for commitment or alcohol.

    Tell your boyfriend the truth. If he leaves you, you deserve it.
    If he stays, you're one lucky woman.

  18. Its judgement for young kids. You drank that alcohol, you did that, its your fault, not fault of alcohol.
  19. [quote name='"Lavions"']

    Its judgement for young kids. You drank that alcohol, you did that, its your fault, not fault of alcohol.[/quote]

    Truth bro
  20. weird thread though for sure. you make it sound like youre the one that initiated the kiss but the guy did... and you're blaming yourself for something you did not do.. wtf. I think you need help for that. If you didn't kiss him on purpose then why blame yourself? but you were drunk also your boyfriend might think other wise.. ohh you in trouble..

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