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i cant think of a title for this one

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Cannibasity, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. A shift in consciousness. I could argue that we, mankind, are directly related to nature. So as nature shifts to chaos, does the human mind shift as well?
  2. a couple years ago i spoke to my grand father and he is and experienced toker he is a rastafarion. he told me that we will be shifting into our next generation of time.. its the generation of crazy people or at-least people will begin to think they are crazy or being crazy will become an influence to other people.. anyway i feel as we wont become crazy our eyes will just finally open and realize the truth. we will become human again, and to the materialistic man and women who have kept there minds in a box we will seem crazy.

    even fashion will change and people will start wearing crazy fashion attire crazy makeup. and people will copy that idea.. ie (LADY GAGA) XD.. people will listen to music and feel more in to it somehow. like that song is speaking to me in some way. and no matter how much you are trying to hide it people have been feeling this way. like you are different. why is that , why is it your dreams are making more sense now. why is it that music has become so powerful

    and we are not crazy we just feel it. do you think that animals have been feeling the same way? i can honestly tell you yes to that answer. for the last month my dog have been going out on my apartment balcony and just starring into the sky for hours .. something he has never done before now has become his ritual. weird ay
  3. I see what your saying.

    I'll take it a step further and propose that our conscious is ever-fluctuating. And as one, our way we view the universe could be dramatically altered.

    I think that most people aren't aware, or aren't "conscious" of their conscious.
    So a change could be overlooked, or interpreted quite differently.

    What possibilities could could yield from this?

  4. I find it odd you said that. Mostly because I have been feeling that same exact way for some time now.

    Almost like I'm standing on one leg on the border between insanity and sane.

    Crazy? At time I feel as if I could be put into a nut house for the ideas I have and the way I think. But then easily reminded of what's important shortly after.

    I-myself have been becoming more interested in intelligent and obscure music. And dressing more strange. And speaking different of ideals I've had.

    This to some, like you said, may seam like the behavior of one with an unhealthy mind. But is it?

    Or, are us 'dreamers' the strongest influence and source of hope man has left. Maybe strange minds and obscure thinking is the future for figuring our shit out.

    I've already seen the fruit that the way I am has produced. Influencing others to free their thinking, and enjoy life a little bit more at a time.
    I often do feel like my crazy ramblings influence family and friends for the better.

    Grant-it, I can see how words and behavior such as that could come off as stoner nonsense, or empty-discussion. But I take comfort in it, personally.

  5. I believe the Earth, and Nature are one with the people. So as the Earth heads towards destruction. Mankind is destined to be destroyed as well. For we are physically, mentally, and spiritually attached. But is there a way to alter fate?
  6. Interesting thought process. Made me think of how many people are now on some sort of mental care with anti-depressants/medications out these days. Are they masking what could be a good thing if they just embraced the craziness? :D
  7. to the lay man we may seem crazy and to us the lay man has there mind clowded away to not think the way we are thinking. they just cant see what we are talking about because their minds are so far gone. thats why society has been created to be what governments want us to be. we live on land that is practically owned by other people. some people can do things that other people just cant, arent us all equal? we work sleep eat and, tomorrow we do the same thing and, the next day and, the next day after that. we just have to have the money, to have what we want . this money seems like it is controlling the world. without money people cant live the life they want to live. we dont even realize it . we are so hypnotized to be what they want us to be we forget to be human. if money was completely wiped off the face of the planet we will become human period.
  8. for some reason i feel like this is the feeling most people our age 18-25 (im 20) will have for the next few years..... we are at the point of life where we begin to wonder what the fuck is life.
    life for real? why the hell are we here?

    im starting to figure it out little by little. but there really arent words i can put it in.

    i do feel like humanity has lost touch with alot of things...
    maybe not all of humanity but definately the united states.

    look at the history of the USA how our founding fathers revolted against the british and took over the government and established its own country... all it took was people getting sick and tired of what the government was doing to them..... i feel like humanity now is just accepting of what the govornment is doing to them and feel like there is nothing they can do about it because they have lost touch with life. i feel like if something could spark the life back into the people of this country they could realize whats going on and change things.

    idk if this makes sense to you cause im straght faded
    yeah :smoking: toke happy
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKD2EWLKcNU]YouTube - KID CUDI- MAN ON THE MOON[/ame]

    the crazy :) we should all embrace our inner thoughts and realize we are not crazy... we are just entering our new phase of consciousness and our EYES "HAVE BEEN OPEND" just waiting for other people to realize it too..
    i remeber when this song couldnt pass 5000 views now look at it.. 4 million. daam i feel as if people are embracing their inner thoughts :hello:
  10. The only time I've done shrooms, I came home when I was coming down and I held my 2 year old sister. She kept going really far back and coming really close to my face like 100 times. My 2 year old sister knew I was tripping!!
  11. why not? animals have a sixth sense... why not human beings?
  12. once again, this is something that ive been thinking about lately. the thing is that now our government knows how to keep us just happy enough not to do anything. remember in roman times when the emperor would have hundreds(i forget the number) of days of games and festivals to distract his people from the fact that they were miserable and being treated unfairly? well now all they have to do is give us brainwashing television shows, movies and internet distractions.
  13. first of all that quote was not originally by Bob Marley

    second of all, it is natural to think you are a part of the apocalypse generation.

    your brain is too weak to understand that you will die, and the world will be exactly the same for millions of years, without you
  14. lol i wish i can answer your question here buddy there is just too much you dont know about me.

  15. haha i mean obviously theres a lot i dont know about you

    sorry if i came off mean, what i meant is

    it is human nature to think that nothing will exist after you, nothing personal

  16. You're kind of missing the point.
  17. I have a similar feeling. I wouldn't believe the 2012 stuff, but it's not just the Myans, but dozens maybe hundreds of ancient civilizations' prophacies, as well as the parallels between global events and the book of revealations all seem to be converging for the very near future.
    I see this as more of a cleansing than anything. I feel that mankind has fucked up way too many things beyond repair.
    I feel like a couple billion people are going to die in the next couple years, but there are a lot of people who just need to get out of the way if man is to advance any farther, just look at the elected officials in the US. it seems like a few overly powerful people are pulling all of the strings to try to force some kind of one world government

  18. i wish some of my friends thought more like this. i always feel like i'm the only one and it's nice to see that i'm not the only one who thinks like this.
  19. I have a good news and a bad news.

    The good news is that humans will be wiped off the face of the earth.

    The bad news is that it won't happen any time soon.
  20. The earth won't even exist eventually. That's a sad thought really. Hopefully humanity is on a clearer path way before that happens. More focused on the unity and betterment for all, rather than just betterment of the self. Cosmic children need to stick together :)

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