i cant tell whats wrong with my plant?

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  1. i couldnt figure if i had a nitrogen deficiency or symptoms of over watering.. i made the decision to flush my plant and give it a light nutrition mix at the end (i did this as the sunset). also i poked a few holes deep enough in the soil to give it access to oxygen ..its in its 6th week of veg. (the problem happened in the expand of one day)...did i do the right thing or did i just mess up?

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  2. flushing can harm your plants roots when excess hydrogen basically flows through and destroys the fragile root hairs. make sure you keep that plant watered, it looks like she almost died from lack of water........ or something.

    what kind of soil do you have there?
  3. dont poke holes to give oxygen, that doesn't work. its not about oxygen, its about aerobic vs anaerobic microbes. a healthy soil will contain abundant aerobix which does not allow anaerobix to exist. See, poking holes has nothing to do with soil "aeration"

    now poking holes in that containers sides on the other hand...

  4. Mmm id say you messed up. Theres no reason to poke holes into anything. Disturbing roots can cause its own set of issues.

    You have a nutritional deficiency. I'd pick up something like Cal-Mag to add to your nute regiment.

    As for over watering underwatering. Watering is very simple. Pick it up and its heavy dont water, pick it up and its light time to water.

    Flushing as well can cause issues.
  5. get some Perlilte in that mix next time
  6. Thanks for the info guys.. I'm using soil less mix called coco grow and a hydro kit called recipe for success..

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