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I can't take big hits anymore...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gangaboris, May 13, 2010.

  1. I used to smoke everyday, but over the past few months i have been going on and off. I've noticed that i can't take the same hits i used to be able to take, and the smoke seems much more harsh then it used to be. I was thinking that this may be because i don't smoke much anymore, and they aren't used to the smoke like they used to be.
  2. might be the bud you picked up. i definitely notice that some weed is much harsher then others. Taking big hits is also sorta like a tolerance thing. The more you take big hits, the bigger the hit you can take. Gotta work your way back up to it. Its like if you could bench 200, stopped working out for 6 months, your not gonna come back and put up 200. your gonna have to work your way back up to it.
  3. stop bein a wuss..haha jk, seriously you answered your own question pretty much, smoke more and you'll be able to take fat rips, nothing to it..
  4. I also don't ever remember it being as harsh as it is now when i first started.
  5. ya it could be different bud that ur picking up now, harshness can vary with the strain
  6. maybe you're sick or have some lung thing going on. that happened to me a while back...

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