I Cant Stop Laughing At This Simpsons Episode.

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, May 25, 2013.

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    I've been .."obtaining" several Simpsons seasons and watching episodes every day for a few weeks now.  never really got into it before, so most of it is new to me.  same thing with x-files.  but yeah what season is that from?
    dude no shit season 6, just clicked play and i watched it the other night haha.  i've only obtained and watched like 3 seasons so far too.  hilarious episode
    "c'mon boys, those white plags are no match for our muskets!"  lmfaoooo
  2. i love the simpsons. i used to have a hacked card for my direct tv receiver whch allowed me to watch every channel and durring the week i would watch the simpsons on fox and i could watch any east coast feeds, central, mountain and pacific stations, so i got to watch the simpsons for 4 hours everyday if i really wanted to
  3. I used to watch the simpsons all the time but it started to get a bit dull a few years ago. I've heard really good things about the last couple of series though so i'll have to give it a watch again
  4. I wish they would air the simpsons at 6:30-7:30 Pacific time like they used to..
       They replaced the simpsons with TMZ and dish nation.  man fox run by morons.
  5. You know, strangely enough, I think I've seen pretty much every Simpsons episode, but I don't think once I have ever laughed. I still watched it because it was "entertainment." The only cartoonish show that actually makes me laugh is South Park- sometimes.
  6. haven't watched that show in forever. how many seasons are there?
  7. man i dont know why i never watched the simpsons regularly, but i might just have to marathon that shit today.  and thanks for this episode, im 5 minutes in and its one of the funniest episodes ive ever seen.
    "Those kids are trying to learn for free!" hahaha :lol:
  8. 24, but they've been complete shit since 11 and even that's pushing it. 1-3 and 8-11 are good while 4-7 are godly, nothing else on TV has come close IMO.
  9. I enjoyed every season up to whenever they started the HD format.  It seems for some reason the show just started sucking as soon as they went HD
    I still catch it when I can, tho.  The show has actually improved over the past couple seasons
  10. Lol the Simpsons are great.
  11. haha the best part is bart in the bank XD "What do you mean solvency?" LMAO
  12. You mean... filled with phuck.....
  13. Please accepty my apolopgy:  I'm so phucking sorry.  I will vape some sour kush in you honor as a token of my sincere regret.
  14. The new episodes are stupid as hell.

    They keep giving bart romantic interests, wtf.

    all they fuckin do now, is get a celeb voice to guest star, and make nonsensical poorly scripted episodes that have no witty humor whatsoever.

    I dont watch new episodes anymore because of this retarded bullshit. Fuck fox!
    Relax - it's from season 6.  I'm so high.
  16. I watch the Simpsons every single day and have been doing so for nearly 10 years. I've seen every episode (the last 5 seasons only once, because as mentioned before they went really downhill around 13, but I still have up to season 18) without exaggeration over 100 times.
    These days though, I nearly cringe all the way through the new episodes. All of the rehashed ideas, the lack of proper voice acting (I mean seriously, Yeardly Smith isn't even doing Lisa anymore, all she does is talk in her own voice), forcing social commentary that isn't funny into every episode, and they're really starting to move away from Springfield as a whole. They're focusing too much on the Simpsons family (especially Lisa because of the forced social commentary aspect) and not enough on the town. I won't give up on it though. Every new episode may suck, but it's still the Simpsons in my opinion.

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