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  1. Hey guys, ive been posting here for years... Im trying to start a new indoor grow journal, i just made a test post in their just typeing something random, and it worked... I then deleted it and took 2 hours typeing up a nice long first post for a start of my journal, uploaded pictures with no problems, then hit post and it loads for about 20 seconds, then just goes to a blank white page with nothing, i click back, and it takes me back to the new post page without posting my thread. Ive done this 3 or 4 times now, tryed restarting my computer, tryed on a different day, ive tryed everything...
    I mainly come here for the growing expierence not the other recreation parts of this site, so if i cant start a grow journal like ive done in the past their wouldnt be much point to be here anymore. Its just really pissing me off, ive spend days trying to figure this out with no luck.
    Does anyone have any ideas? Ive been able to make threads and upload pictures in the past with no problems. My pictures upload just fine, i thought it was that for awile, i havent tryed to start a new thread without uploading pics, but it says they were uploaded fine and are added to the start new thread page...
    Thanks for the help guys.

    Also, im on windows 7 ultimate useing the latest verson of internet explorer, is their some setting that could be causeing that to mess up?
  2. Occasionally the site acts up.

    Last night it took me a few minutes just to bring up and close just a few threads that I posted in. :mad:

    There is nothing you can do, but I can give this advice: Before hitting submit, ALWAYS copy and paste what you have into notepad. It may seem like a waste of time, but it's completely worth it in the example that you've just given.

    Oh, and the reason that I know that it's the site, is because if you click on "new posts" in the forum and if you get like 2 or 3 or 4 threads (something that isn't an entire list), it means that the server/software was restarted and it cleared the new posts. This is how I know that there are issues, but I'll still be using these forums. :D
  3. It's a glitch, man.
    A few others have been having this problem lately as well. I understand that it's frustrating, but sometimes shit happens, ya know? ;)

    Anyway, since you said you were able to post a test thread without pictures or anything and it worked, just do that.
    Post a thread with a short title/body, no pics. If it posts, click "edit" and "go advanced" and you can change the title and put in all your text and pics and such. :wave:
  4. Thanks for the fast replys guys, i just tryed useing mozilla firefox without uploading pics and the same thing happens... It says waiting for responce from grasscity.com then takes a few seconds then just loads a blank page and then nothing is posted, i got back to the indoor grow journal forum and nothing was posted.
    Ive been trying this over the last week or so at different itmes during the day also.
  5. If it's not letting you post a thread in the Indoor Grow Journal forum at all now, you can try posting it elsewhere and PM me with a link and I can move it for you. :wave:
  6. It just happened again. :mad:

    Took me about 5 minutes of refreshing and resubmitting information just to change my damn verbage above my avatar pic.
  7. Thanks for the offer! I just tryed though posting in this section and it does the same thing... is it just what im posting or what lmao. I didnt try to post any pics or anything with it... It did the same thing that it does their though, maybe its to long or something?
    This is what im trying to post:

    Satan's Grow of 2010: Bubblicious, Sweet Dreams, Strawberry Cough, Big Bud

    Hey guys, :wave: I was forced to take a break last year from the growing scene but i am back this year with a couple new tricks and surprises.
    This process was started on 4/21, alittle late for my likeing but things have been pretty hecktic lately. This grow currently consists of: 4 Nirvana bubblicious, 8 KC Brains Sweet Dreams, 5 Nirvana Big Bud, and 3 Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough.
    I ordered the Bubblicious and Sweet Dreams from Attitude seedbank and the Big Bud and Strawberry Cough are from a past seed grow ive done.
    I have used Nirvana's genetics in the past and was quite happy, this time around however i was not so pleased with the Bubblicious. Out of 10 seeds, just 6 popped, they were then planted and out of those 6 4 ended up breaking soil. As youll see in the pictures, the ones that did come up all ended up being mutants, so im left with assumeing they were poor genetics to begin with. Ive never had such a poor germination outcome, but we will see what happens with the mutants that are growing. 8 out of 10 Sweet dreams popped and broke soil, 5 for 5 on the Big Bud and also 3 for 3 on the Strawberry Cough for a total of 20 plants. I actually wasnt expecting the Strawberry Cough to pop since the seeds were so old, so they are currently outside and are just going to be an extra little side project useing lst and fim'ing.
    All of this grow (except for the Strawberry Cough) will be grown inside in one of my growrooms, if you need details on the setup used for this grow you can find them in my past indoor grow journal in my signature.
    This post is more for me to keep my info on the grow in order for myself, but also to share expierence and enjoyable pictures of the grow with everyone so questions and comments are surely welcome.
    The plants are currently under a 4 foot 80 watt fluro shoplight with 24 hours of light. They will be moved under a 1kw MH bulb with 18/6 once they reach their 4th set of true leaves which should be soon.
    The Strawberry Coughs are outside and has been once they broke soil, I didnt expect them to do anything at all, it was more a test to see if the seeds were still good for a later grow. They were left unatteneded outside for most of their days to date but once i checked on them and saw they were doing so well on their own i couldnt turn down the feeling to take them back under my wing and see what we can do with them. They are now in 1 gallon pots and are being trained useing lst and, not shown in the pictures, recently fim'd.
    These pictures were taken 3 days ago, a bit of a delay on starting this thread but like i said things have been a bit hecktic lately.

    Picture 1: What we are working with
    Picture 2: A half group shot of how things were a few days ago, as you can see their a few in their that are much smaller then the others, these are the Bubblicious
    Picture 3: A macro of one of the mutant Bubblicious's, they are all like this and have gotten even more interesting lately
    Picture 4: A macro of a healthy non mutant Sweet Dreams
    Picture 5: A macro of a Big Bud
    Picture 6: One of the 3 Strawberry Coughs that were left outside unatended then taken back under my wing once they just wouldnt give up. Theyve been through bugs, 30 degree temps at night a couple times and also crazy rainstorms, we'll see what they can do for fun.
    Picture 7: After a couple days of lst. As you can see they were in a pretty shaded area and are a bit stretched, after i saw they were even still living i moved them to a better location that recieves full morning and afternoon sun and will soon be putting them in the group with my soil blend and continueing the lst and fim'ing.

    The pictures arnt that exciteing now as things are just starting out but i will post up some new pictures in a couple of days since things have progressed a bit and try to liven the place up.
    Like i said, any questions or comments are welcome. :smoking:
  8. It does sometimes happen when trying to paste something long like that.

    Can you get it to post in the grow journal forum with just a short title and a small amount of text? You can edit everything else in from there.
  9. Thanks a lot man, i got it finally lol, ended up just posting a random thread then editing it like you said. I guess i was trying to copy and paste to much stuff at once...
    Thanks again!
  10. Hell yeah! I'm glad you got it to work. :hello:
  11. OMFG having this problem and hating it :mad:
  12. just how do you start a new thread, I've looked and searched guesss not good enough
  13. Just go to the forum you want to post in and click New Thread at the top of the listing of threads in that forum. :)

    Try it out here in the General Feedback forum as a test if you want. :)
  14. where do you go to start a new thread?
  15. Go to the specific forum you want to post in and then you'll see a button to click that says "New Thread"...click it and go from there. :)
  16. Do Grow Journals require approval from moderator? I started the thread on Tuesday, but have yet to see it under the forum. I feel like it told me it was waiting for approval, but I could be having the same problem as above.

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