I cant roll joints

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  1. So I've been smoking for quite some time now but i never acquired the skills to roll a joint- mostly because i hardly ever smoke em.Anyways whenever i tell people i cant i feel like they look at me as lesser- like im not a serious smoker when i definitely am.Thoughts? Can you roll? Am i not a real "stoner" because i cant roll a j? Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Lol who cares. I can't roll either but I could really care less about joints. Bongs and water pipes get me wayyyy higher than blunts or joints do anyways, and I don't need to use a lot of bud for bongs like papers do.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. No you are not a lesser stoner. It is a matter of preference, though you really should learn how. When you can roll a joint that smokes perfectly, there is nothing better than sitting under the stars and smoking it while pondering the questions of the universe.
    Seriously, it's really easy to learn, just takes practice. Buy a pouch of tobacco and a pack of papers and practice if you want to learn.
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    I learned on YouTube, there's a lot of different videos on there. Also, if you want to roll perfect ones, most smoke shops sell rollers and I think a decent one is only like $20-$30.On the subject of being a real stoner, it's all about what YOU think a real stoner is.Sent from my SPH-M840 using Tapatalk
  5. ^^thats how i learned to roll jays momma slapped me sum tabaccy an papers n said get to rolling lmao

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  6. I got rolling papers but I never rolled joints. Im sure it doesn't make me any less of a smoker than someone who only rolls J's or only vapes.
    I think blunts are easier to roll for starters, so I'll recommend starting with that.

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  7. Not by hand no, I have a cigarette roller.
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    id say on your next re up pick up a pack of zags too at a gas station or something. theyre only like a dollar. then, practice really does make perfect. Roll until you get the hang of it. then you don't ever have to smoke j's, stick to your bowls and stuff, but then you'll know how to roll one.
    but not knowing how to roll doesn't make you a lesser, it just means that you prefer a different method. I know people who can roll a perfect joint but when I ask them to pack a bowl its too loose, too tight, or they torch the shit. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses
  9. I can roll a joint, well atleast a working one hehe, but I wouldn't say I'm good at it. But I find it fun, everytime a roll a new joint I can see progress and it smokes better. It's like some kind of art or something! If you never tried rolling before, you got a fun adventure ahead of you! And like someone else said, you can always practice with tobacco, tea or pretty much any herb before! Good luck mate
  10. i can roll em if they're fat as hell but i have quite a glass collection so i rarely smoke j's or blunts unless it's someone else's.
  11. exactly. I have no problem rolling like crayon's but those normal/small j's I just cant do
    well, not well anyway
  12. I used to be able to roll really good joints, burned slow but weren't too tight, no air gaps or anything. Now they smoke pole and only burn on one side, and are either too tight or too loose. Dunno what happened. Fuck my stoner life.
  13. I'm pretty good at rolling jays. I prefer blunts tho. Joints burn too fast no matter how well they are rolled imo. Gotta roll 2 or 3 when you could roll just 1 blunt
  14. Give me a pen and a piece of paper or a dollar and I can roll one. Other than that? NOPE..And anyone that thinks you are a less of a "stoner" has issues. People like that will get you busted because they want everyone to know that they are trying to go pro.....which means Prosin........cause that is where pro stoners go to collect their rewards!
  15. [quote name="2Pac" post="19429356" timestamp="1391016073"]I used to be able to roll really good joints, burned slow but weren't too tight, no air gaps or anything. Now they smoke pole and only burn on one side, and are either too tight or too loose. Dunno what happened. Fuck my stoner life.[/quote]Lol at fuck my stoner life. OP it's not really a problem as like others here have already said its a preference. I smoke mostly bowls bongs but wanted to learn how to roll a joint for the occasional one I do like to have. All you need to do is practice. Get some papers, some tea or tobacco open up a video that shows how to roll and just practice for an hour or two.
  16. I bought a raw roller for six bucks. GG
    Haters gonna hate.
  17. Nope, not well anyway. I tried to learn from that wiz Khalifa vid on YouTube. I thought I was gonna be a pro, sadly that didn't happen... I'm a glass man anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  18. I can't roll either.
    I I lack the manual dexterity.
  19. I've mastered the art or joing rolling. Everyone that I smoke with always tells me "this is the best J I've ever smoked" or "dude you roll the best joints." Just something I like to brag about hahaha.
  20. I don't know how to use a vaporizer. Does that make me a bad stoner? I'm the designated roller amongst my friends, and I love it. It's my preferred way to smoke and I enjoy the act of preparing and rolling.

    But I wouldn't judge anyone on their skills or lack thereof. Who cares? Most of the guys I know roll shitty or subpar joints, but that just means more opportunity for me to do my thing.

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