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I cant roll a j to save my life

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rowdygreybush, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Just seem to fail terribly at Rollin joints. I have tried several different methods. Ive seen my friends dad do them one handed while driving and I can't roll one sitting down with two hands. I was wondering If anyone had any tips or tricks to help me learn to roll.
  2. Use a bong or a bubbler, my friend ;)
  3. Just keep at it. Practice with teas or other herbs. Maybe some wider papers. Also check the stickies there's a rolling guide there.
  4. Practice makes perfect!
  5. Watch some Youtube videos so you can get down the basic steps + maybe learn a few tips/pointers. Just keep practicing you'll get it!
  6. op are you irish im gettin a vibe
  7. Then i will teach you my son
  8. [​IMG]

    guide the force will you! perfect, practice makes, young jedi...
  9. practice. but i like to fill blunt cones now, I am a pro roller but i just find it easier...!
  10. #10 36th Chamber, Nov 23, 2011
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    1. grind up the fine herb and put it on the rollie[​IMG]
    2. pack that shit down either will the rollie pack, lighter etc etc ( when i was a beginner i would use a pencil and get the shape it might help you) this is the MOST important step the tuck[​IMG]
    4. [​IMG]
    5. lick[​IMG]
    light er upp and smoke, practice makes perfect young jedi may the force be with you

  11. So close! It's guide you the force will. For the OP:

    [ame=]How to roll the perfect joint! Best tutorial guaranteed - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Then roll a blunt, that's what I do.
  13. Rolling blunts is easier, as the paper isn't as thin/fragile. Practice with blunts, and eventually try rolling joints.

    That tutorial isn't the best guide around, I've seen some others that explain the tuck pretty well.
  14. buy a pack of rolling papers.
    buy a bag of tobacco. you can get a lot for cheap.
    roll as many cigs as you can.

    you'll be able to roll like a champ when you used up all your papers.

  15. best advice so far. practice makes perfect! eventually it becomes so easy and natural. i have gone from nothing ready to having a lovely rolled joint in around 2 minutes.

    heres a little tip for ya - lick your fingers, then dry them off quickly, and you'll find that it gives you a bit more grip on the papers when rolling it. well, it works for me if i ever struggle gettin it to roll!
  16. I used to smoke cigs few years ago and I used to buy flavored tobacco so I rolled my own cigs with filters, just buy some tobacco and papers and a pack of filters, it's cheap one time buy (like 4-5 euros in total, or bout 6-7 bucks), watch videos and roll them till you get a hold of it.

    Or just buy those cones where you can just put the shit in and twist the end..
    Best to learn it yourself tho.
  17. Just get a rollie homie, you can practice still but while youre still mastering it you can still roll perfect doobs.
  18. Be gentle, most newbies try to force the joint, if you do it right in a clam manner it will basically roll itself.
  19. This is a bit old, but I agree with rolling a bunch of cigs by hand. I learned that way. I'm sure you can find someone (or yourself) to take those rolled cigs from you.
    Also Hatch420 is very correct. You hear this a lot around people who smoke papers a lot. She really will tell you when she's ready.

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