I cant resist lol..

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  1. Yes im a celeb gossip whore lol....anyways anyone hear about chris brown and rhianna getting into a fight?

    What do you lovely peeps on grasscity think about the whole situation?
  2. I heard the bitch started the shit. You start it, you better finish it am I right? :cool:
  3. i cant resist sayin it either, i cant believe you actually care about this...:confused:
  4. holy shit what is this world coming to.

    i think i have more important things in my life then to worry about Chris brown and Rhianna getting in a fight,to tell you the truth i don't give 2 shits,no never mind i don't even give one shit.
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    Jay-Z is going to try and beat him down or more likely he'll get some people to beat his ass or shoot him.Just a theory that won't happen...........then it does.

    Calm down Jack,if you don't like the topic you know you can just click the back button.

    If a Women hit's a man he should be able to restrain her not hit/beat them.Anyone that hit's a girl is a punk bitch.
  6. i saw a pic of the two of them on stage...

    i had not realized how fuckin cute rihanna is.

    yeah here:


    fuck the goon, look at that butt. mmm damn.
  7. never thought chris had it in him to beat anyone's ass. he'll have fun in prison-bubba from cell block 5 looooves his voice
  8. Myself I don't really care. To be honest, until a trial occurs and declares guilty/not guilty, nobody really knows but them.
  9. i think that the situation gets way too much fuckin publicity
  10. [​IMG]

    mm rhianna mmmmmm
  11. yea but if the bitch gave me an STD, then she at least deserved a good pimp slap.
    i was listening on the radio, the dj apparently had heard that the reason for the fight was that she have him an undisclosed std.
  12. what about half a shit

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