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i cant raise my voice when im high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Capuchino Man, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. ok when im sober i am a regular dude, talkative when hanging with people and quiet when your supposed to (movies, class etc.) but when i get high i cant seem to raise my voice, no matter how hard i try to talk louder i cant. i am always speaking at an indoor voice like if it was quiet outside. so then everyone always has to say, " shh! hold on i cant hear him." and i also get quiet when im high like i just want to sit on the couch with some food and watch tv and not say a word, it sucks. anyone know why im like this? i think its because i have a really low tolerance that doesnt seem to go away.
  2. well im with you on the "sit on the couch with some food and watch tv and not say a word" but im pretty sure i can still raise my voice while baked. if i couldnt, how would i be able to walk around walmart yelling "moist vagina" as loud as i can?
  3. its all in ur head
  4. i just seriously cant i mumble everything. and then it sucks, whenever i am in a quieet place i talk even quieter almost whispering because it feels like im talking really loud and then i realize im like whispering stuff. a lot of times ill be talking to someone like if hes driving and im on passenger and the music is slightly turned up normal volume and then ill tell the story and wait for a response...... and then im like hey did you hear what i said? and they say, oh damn hahaha lol i didnt even realize you were talking this whole time, i couldnt hear you
  5. That sounds annoying as fuck.
  6. It IS all in your head dude! You're gonna get caught like this, cops take this as reasonable suspicion in 46/50 states.
  7. i cant stop it though, whenever im sober im always like ok this time im gonna force myself to yell if i have to and i end up mumbling shit, it sucks. but when i take less than 4 hits im good, anymore than that and im too high

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