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i cant get high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stonerchick1990, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. whats wrong with me??!! seriously its taking like 6 or 7 packed joints to get me proper stoned lately its pissing me off cos its costing me a fortune!!
    just got home from amsterdam last week and even over there all my friends were waaaay more stoned than me and i smoked waay more than them to try to make up for the fact that they were so much more stoned than me!
    has this happened to anyone else or am i alone in my misery?!
  2. Either your not inhaling correctly. Or your tolerance is INCREDIBLY high.
  3. Im guessing youve been smoking for quite some time, I suggest you take a break for a week (works wonders) or try a different method of smoking
  4. As per Granny's advice, if it is a tolerance issue, try taking omega-3 tablets to rejuvenate ur cannabinoid receptors. That said, this cannot, in my opinion, be a tolerance issue. 6 or 7 joints? That's overboard even for an old hippie....odd...
  5. Vape that shit (;
  6. im not talkin blunts just to clear that up! i smoke with tobacco but i put alot in my joints. also iv tried bongs, hookahs, volcanos, edibles, everything! i wouldnt even mind if it wasnt costing me so much money
  7. My only guess is it's a combination of tolerance and not good bud. Try taking a few days off smoking and getting some really nice dank. You should be sky high after a joint or two.
  8. just home from amsterdam and as we all no the bud over there is great still took loads to get high!
    is it possible to not know when your stoned anymore? i know that sounds ridiculous but could it maybe be that cos im smoking so much for so long it just never really goes out of my system or something? this is my friends theory by the way not mine but i may as well throw it out there!
  9. I'm the same, past 2 weeks the only time I've not been high is when I'm at work, and a day off here or there if I'm dry and waiting for the text message.

    Gonna just have to take a break after I finish this last gram for a few weeks, clear my head too. I feel stupid as fuck in the mornings.
  10. i cant take breaks i get all agitated plus i have a really bad back so smoking helps, havent had a dry day in about 3 years thank god used to HATE waitin for that text message now i giv the dealer a shout a day or so before i run out so i dont have to resort to scraping my grinder and smokin scrap outa the rolley box those are tough times

  11. Then you're out of luck, smoke more :bongin:

    Breaks or smoking more are your only options (or intaking certain things, like overripe mangos 30 mins before toking or increasing your omega-3 intake) :wave:
  12. Make a batch of brownies and use an ounce of dank. We'll all listen in on the phone call to 911 that you're dying. Heh. Just kidding bro, but eat some shit an see what it does. I'd be all space caked out in Amsterdam cruising the red light district.
  13. does omega 3 really work? iv never heard of this before could i just take the omega 3 suppliments or would i have to eat fish to get it? haha taking suppliments to help you get high iv heard it all now, no disrespect id try anything if i thought it would work my poor back is in bits!
  14. whats dank im irish dont get the slang!! also im a girl so less of the bro:)
  15. [quote name='"stonerchick1990"']

    whats dank im irish dont get the slang!! also im a girl so less of the bro:)[/quote]

    dank = good weed

    irish accents are best, bring your people to america
  16. Hit it every time like its the last hit you will ever take
  17. [quote name='blackleaf28']dank = good weed

    irish accents are best, bring your people to america[
    haha i thought it was hash!! i wouldn stand a chance tryin t get a bag in america im cancelling my trip to new york:mad:
  18. id rather stick it in my eyes
  19. [quote name='"stonerchick1990"'][/quote]

    theres everything, weed (probably much better than you get) , hash, kief, oils, tinctures, mega potent edibles..

    its like willy wonkas THC factory if you know where to look, or, if youre a mildly attractive woman and dont know where to look
  20. i get nice weed now but it took me years to find a good dealer wouldnt touch anthing but the best:)
    how does it work over there though im going with friends in december wana know how to get a bag! in spain i just ask the reps outside the bars i can usually spot the type, would this work in america?

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