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I Cant Get High From Joints Anymore?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheLastRebel, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. I used to exusivily smoke joints, usually .5's at a time but then it stopped working for me and it felt like a waste of time.
    But i can throw hardly anything in a pipe/bubbler/bong and get a good buzz.
    Why is this?
    I miss smoking joints, i just prefer them over other things due to their easy conculability, but i dont want to just waste weed for no high.

  2. Joints/Blunts are just extremely inefficient, tons of smoke is lost and you can't take near the giant rips you can from a good bong.
    Basically its tolerance and joints don't do shit to the everyday smoker.
    Its sad because I love smoking joints but they just don't do it for me anymore
  3. Roll your joints good and it shouldn't be a problem and constantly take hits

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  4. It used to take me 2 joints with about .6-.8 to get high. Took a month and a half t-break and took 3 hits and was blown. This was in the beginning of summer. Now it takes me a whole joint with .8 to get high. But I'm on another t-break in search of a job.
  5. I'll usually mix it with a bong hit or two

  6. joints are for lasses
    man up and heavy hit a bong, no screen full bowl pull through, you will be high
  7. Sometimes I get that, have you tried edibles? They normally manage to knock me off my feet for a while! 
  8. I am a lass. I enjoy joints for the flavor and convienence. But yeah, if my tolerance is too high, joints don't do shit to me.
  9. I know what you mean, it's just the method. I only smoke fire buds and when i roll up a blunt or J to myself, I get high but not like how i would be off just ONE or two solid hits off a nice bong. or my favorite, a gravity bong
  10. I've been smoking 7 years, daily smoker through a lot of that and have always managed to at least get a little high off one. I lay a small amount of backy down sprinkle grinded weed on top and then layer another bit of backy on top that way the weed isn't all on one side and should burn through better.
    I have to make a nice long skinny one if I want to be wrecked, I'm looking at buying a mini bong or something so I can get a good hit then spark the spliff and should be good.
  11. Same here dude I put .5 in my doobies, 3 year everynight smoker (I work long days) and I've found myself getting less and less stoned smoking joints I went and got myself a glass bong with perks all the shizz n have found if I smoke a bong accompanied by a doobie it works alot better.
  12.  i was only joking , but tea and joint is perfect but otherwise it wont touch me
  13. Try rolling a joint with marijuana.
  14. It depends on how you roll them sometimes. For instance, my buddy would roll some nice ass looking J's, they looked like pre rolled cigarettes. But when it came to burning, It seemed that only the outer later of the bud would burn and the ashes protruded from the end of the joint. But other times, I have rolled up a fucked up looking J that burned really nice and gave nice smooth fat rips. It can also depend on the consistency and density of your herb. There are many factors one is faced with on the intake of thc from smoking joints.
  15. Lmao!
  16. make sure your weed is dry when you roll joints.
    ive been smoking for 15 years and joints always get me high as fuck
  17. I've never got that high from joints really either, pipes, bongs and vapes have been much more effective for me.
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    If you don't get high from joints. You're broken. A got a bowl and a bong and I still like smoking joints...I get high either way. It's just my mood really....well actually I tend to smoke bowls when I'm at the house, but if I wanna smoke a joint while driving somewhere, or just to smoke when I'm away from the house I'll smoke joints/blunts.
  19. try to not smoke joints for a week or so. I found that i couldn't get high with bong rips but i smoked nothing but bowls for a year. I switched to a joint and got baked. sometimes it's the method, not the weed.
    Depending on how often you smoke and how much you smoke, your tollerance will increase / decrease. If you really miss getting high from joints, stop smoking for a week or so, your tollerance will go down and you'll be able to get high from joints once again!
    This link may help to answer your question:


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