I cant get high anymore.

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  1. i realized a depressing thought today. i had just finished a personal blunt and hardly caught a buzz, i smoked 2 more bowls and still wasn't high.i've been smoking multiple times a day everyday for 2 years, the last time i have gone a day without smoking was 6 months ago.i really don't want to take a tolerance break but if a short one is necessary i think i could manage.all advice welcome
  2. Im assuming you're smoking for recreational purposes?Take a good month long break.. Enjoy life sober for a while, and imagine how much money you'll save.
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    I feel ya bro now I only toke hash oil otherwise I'd end up burnin a gram nug for nuthin. Also take a drink or two and that'll make it even better
  4. if you dont want a T-break (I wouldnt either) just stop wake and baking.. wait til the sun is going down before your first smoke.. more productive and better highs IMO
  5. Eat some mangos!
  6. I went a few years smoking all day everyday and I think at some point its not that you're not getting high its that you have no sober feeling to contrast...
  7. smoke wax or eat edibles 

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