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I cant get high anymore help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by taytay, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. I've smoked almost everyday for about 4 months now. But usually ill smoke 2 to 3 times a day.. and i noticed yesterday that i smoked a shit load of weed but i didnt get high. i realize its probably because i smoke multiple times a day so i only smoked once today. is there anyway i can make my tolerance lower? ive been told to take a break but i really dont wanna just stop smoking. any suggestions?
    sorry if this is all over the place i just dont know how to explain it lol.

  2. Well the only way is to take a break, and if you dont wanna take a long break I guarantee even 24 hours off will make a difference. When your constantly smoking I feel like your never REALLY sober even when you feel like it. 24 hours off and you will be 100% completley sober and the first session with hit you hard. unfortunately its not gonna last after the first or 2nd time any "real" tolerance reset comes after weeks or months.
  3. oh good point! thank you!
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    How about taking a few shots before?
    Nothing makes you feel stoned more than a few shots and a few bong rips..
    Works every time man.
  5. Your weed needs more potency. I smoke quite a bit and still get mega gone if I'm not careful. It's also all about elongating the periods between your smoke times that will naturally decrease your tolerance slowly as opposed to going cold turkey for a few weeks.
  6. it may sound shitty, but id just take a two week break of absolutely no weed. Your tolerance will more or less be back to squar one. Even if you do smoke numerous times a day, it ought to last a mont or 2 before another break is merited. Or, after your first break, smoke less.
  7. Yeah that's what I did. I smoked twice yesterday. Once in the morning when I woke up and then at night. That helped a lot! I only smoked a bowl and got really high.
  8. Glad it helped.

    Sent from the land of pink champagne
  9. Whenever my tolerence gets to be to high i invest in some wax then i T break for a bit then herb is back to being the best.
  10. it's normal. I agree with the first guy. When you are smoking constantly, you pretty much only get high with the first hit of the day and it won't last long lol.. it sucks
    only smoke at night or something, smoking once a day will greatly reduce your tolerance. I'm smoking 4 - 6 days a week and I only smoke at night. I get super faded (i smoke concentrates). 
    some people like to mix alcohol with weed, it gives me headache unfortunately :( i love beer and weed, just can't do both at once haha. 
     for months i smoked from the morning til i go to bed. i needed some sober days and be productive, the high is so much better like that. 
    or just take a tolerance break. Some people take like 1 month to 2 months break lol i can't stand not smoking, and i dont see the need to. Just do it moderately ;) 
  11. It's the quality of your weed. My tolerance is through the roof and I still get smacked.

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