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I can't get her off my mind, Really think I love her

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by LovingTree, Jun 5, 2010.

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    Honestly, I know that ignoring them or avoiding contact should work, but it hasn't.

    This is one of the only girls i've felt really strong about, and even with not talking to her, I still think about her and think about how I want us to be together. =/

    We had something for 2 weeks, but she ended up telling me, "I can't do this, my friends just tell me not to date you." She didn't like the fact that I did weed too, even though she smoked cigs before and her best friends drink.

    It really hurt for a while, until I realized if she has to be that ignorant, then I shouldn't even care about her.

    I thought that way, but I couldn't get her off my mind. She doesn't talk to me anymore... She liked me so much. Thought i was attractive, cute, smart. I don't know what happened.

    Now its been over 2 months and she's still on my mind. We lost contact. I still have her number and she's on my facebook.

    I don't wana be a creepy stalker and try talking to her, but should I tell her how I feel about her? I doubt it will do any good though; it might make things worse.

    Weed and ignoring her hasn't helped. I think telling her I smoked weed was bad too, that turned her off. Ugh man, I don't know what to do.

    Help.. =/

    She's still in high school, would that be why she confused me so bad?
  2. I think she was using the excuse that her friends TELLING her not to date you is the most pathetic way to get out of a relationship. She clearly didn't think that the relationship was something that she prefers. And if it is true, do you want her FRIENDS to tell her what to do in YOUR relationship I mean come on WHO's in the relationship them or her?

    Just because she has smoked cigarettes before and her friends drink doesn't mean that she's going to be okay with weed, everyone has the preferences.

    Say perhaps you dating for a few months, how heartbroken would she be if you had been keeping Mary Jane a secret? It would have been A LOT more horrible of an ending for the relationship.

    I think that her being in high school has a HUGE part in this, in high school things are full of drama and that's what this girl sounds like.

    Sorry to hear, but you should really move on and seek out other girls. I highly doubt that talking to her now and see if she would like a relationship would work out well for you. But that's just my opinion, there are better non-drama filled girls that are out there that you would be better off with.

    I know this might be difficult to do as you probably habitually check her profile everytime you log on (i was in the same boat), but you have to delete it!!!! You have no idea how much it helps. I can't even really put it into words, but believe me, it will help A LOT.

    Sometimes you just have to let people go.

  4. HUGE part in healing! You would be surprised how much of a difference not having her e-mail, number and being friends on facebook.
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  5. Sorry your feeling down, bro. But, she really doesn't sound like she's good enough for you. If she has friends who drink and smoke cigarettes, and then bashes you for using a flower? Who is she?

    You really need to delete her facebook too. (do you think you'll ever see an update from her profile and just ignore it? no.)
  6. Also agreed.

    Been there, done that...
  7. im in a similar predictament, but she said she said we were getting to close, still cant get this girl off my mind, been 2 months i deleted her facebook and number. Seen her at 2 partys the past 2 weeks, she seen me with 2 other girls, both girls got out my car naked 2 different times, all of a sudden i get a call from her, and we start talking that night and she got all crazy mad at me. fuck i dont understand women, been a week i havnt hit her up, dont know if i should or not
  8. Jealousy dyl. Its a fickle bitch. She may be saying all the right things now, but if you guys do end up in a relationship she'll prolly hold that over you. Better way of going about the same result is to simply mention this crazy girl that was all over you the other night blah blah blah. Then you lie and say nothin happened cause it didnt feel right and your the knight in shining armor all of a sudden.
  9. man i pulled that card tho, i didnt fuck the girls that got out of my car that night, they wouldnt fucking leave me alone, i was trying to talk to the girl that i really like. it was such a terrible night, i hadnt said a word to her at any of the parties i seen her at, then she started just being all mad about the previous week about how my cousin tried to punk her out or something( in which he didnt just yelled at her) i didnt see it, but for some reason she thinks i shoulda jumped in his face. i dont kno its all fucking crazy... that night the girls got out of my car i had fought this dude, i think just all the testosterone i had going that night turned the bitch on.. i miss that girl tho just cant get myself to even talk to her cause i dont wanna get shut down again and make it wierd
  10. Well not gettin it when you can is your first mistake ;) I can't answer it for ya. Gotta go with what feels right. She may also be the type that shuts down/runs to avoid getting attached and eventually hurt. I have this problem givin I've been establishin a bit of a rep as of late, but am finally settlin down with an awesome girl. We had some off and on bullshit centering around her not being completely honest with what she wants cause she doesnt wanna get hurt. Finally decided to make the plunge recently and its been smooth sailin. Although now I hafta deal wit the retards who constantly are hittin her up, and wont take no for an answer. I see a few brawls in my future, luckily none of em are too big, and more the emotional type than fighter/hookup type (cracks me up, they dont know this girl at all. if they did they wouldnt waste their time lol, she gives off this nice little innocent persona that I called BS on from day one). Gonna be an interesting summer.
  11. Seriously bro, don't worry about this one. Most girls are just bitches anyway and the things they do don't make sense to us guys. A girl I was talking to started yelling at me for flirting with her. And yes, we had been hooking up, and we flirted the whole night. It came out of nowhere and made absolutely no sense. How can you be kissing me one minute, then yelling at me for being too affectionate? I dunno man, try and forget about this girl. Sounds like she's not one you want to be in a relationship with anyway. Delete her shit, and go out and find some girls to get with. It'll make you feel a whole lot better
  12. I would hate to have these feelings after only being with someone for two weeks.

    Then again, I don't think I ever could.
  13. he's sensitive, bra.

    like me.

  14. dude, take it from a guy who has loved many women and men, everything you're feeling is a normal part of life that most of us go thru. i dont know how to help in your situation but i just wanted you to know you're far from the only guy dealing with these problems.
  15. listen to this....

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLfl90tp0e8"]YouTube - Curren - She's On My Mind[/ame]

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