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i cant focus on the computer screen

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. i just smoked a bowl, and am now smoking the kick in cig..i cant focus on the computer screen.....i just tsmoked a pile of red shit...thc hairs i have methodically taken off ofbuds wit tweezers and shaking them and shit...this i believe is called kief..anyway..its got me tore up..completely

    i had court this morning..i, clmcjimg ,u teeth atlot
    probably typing badd too..dont care

    i also believe i a good lover..because i listen

    right now im listening to an indian of the american indian

    im going to do indian research
  2. first id like to say yea i think yourhigh, as is I! i almost just made this a whoooole seperate thread,hehe (i onlly do that if im buzzed,then i do it all the time)
    how was court? whata fine boy like yourself get into trouble for? (remember i was gone awhile)
    never thoughta pulling off all the red hairs, kief eh?....ive smoke a total chrystal joint.......pretty good but i dont remember much of it, so it musta been :D
    you probably are a good lover, if ya listen.....
    indian research is fun theys some good people :)
  3. lol, speeding ticket..managed to keep it off insurance:D

    i got distracted from the research:p...cuz i was stoned.
  4. weheheh

    ill be stoned tonight!
  5. holy fuck, im gonna go make a keif bowl. thats the fucking best idea ever. lol
  6. lool, i cant focus on the screen either,,,keep gettin distracted by music.....................
  7. a friend of mine picked off all the red hairs and put 'em on the top of this kickass dank bong... ripped and almost died... i tried the same next bong pack... same thing. i don't remember much after that... 'cept packing a lot more bongs, lol.

  8. try listening to something that insync with your avatar. he can really shake his ass!
  9. Well if you can't concentrate on the screen, then don't look at it!

    Congrads on the ticket!

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