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I can't find any 'schwag'

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420 stoner 420, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. It's really frustrating!

    Where I live (western Canada) It's so gosh darn hard to get my hands on some good Mexican brick weed! Why is this? All that's around is Dank this, Beasters that. It's like I can't for the life of me find any seedy and leafy bricks.

    Any advice? Where is a good place to look? I tried high schools, but all I get there is this trimmed bud covered in crystals.
  2. And why do you want schwag? Sounds to me like you're lucky as fuck.
  3. alright are you serious or are you just a complete douchebag? why would you want brick if you have dank
  4. Wow, you're an asshole. Maybe he just wants shwagg. Don't bash him for it.

    Sucks, dude. It's the opposite where I live. An abundance of shwagg but dank is hard to come by.
  5. Poor you =(

    A good place to look, would be the USA.
  6. I'll make you a deal: one pound of the worst weed I can get for one pound of that dank.

    (kidding don't ban me)
  7. fuck shwagg, high mids and headies is where it's at
    I love rollin a dutchie of some middies and dank
  8. lucky. where do you live? i just might move there in the near future.
  9. Haha, I hate it here, so boring. I live in the middle of Nebraska. Not such a bad place, but too redneck for me. Not necesserily bashing on them, but it's not me. I'm a complete black sheep. That and I'd actually like to smoke some dank sometime. I've smoked KB on a few occasions, but that's all. The shwagg around here isn't bad at all, I must say. One of my dealers gets shwagg from Colorado, and that stuff is bomb.
  10. Same. I live in Iowa, and the redneck thing is definitely not for me. Schwag and sometimes mids is all I seem to get my hands on depending on who I buy from.
  11. Must just be a midwest thing.
  12. I know people are bashing for you looking for schwag, but I'm curious why you want it?

    From what I hear, Canada's dank prices are about the price of our low mids. I'm pretty sure your mids should suffice?
  13. Shchwag is cheap and good for cooking. Nuff said.
  14. See, I just need some cheap insulation for this home I'm building.
  15. This is obviously a joke thread.

  16. Well first off, I would love it if all the 'schwag' in Cali was gone. Second, you could drive down to the states, where there is an abundance. Shit man, come down to Cali and buy all this 'bammer'!

    Seriously that sucks, and good luck on your 'mission'.
  17. Yeah I can't believe how many people missed that.

  18. Deciphering sarcasm in text is damn near impossible.
  19. HAHA, well you can take all of ours if you spread some of your dank around here.

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