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I can't find an equillibrium to my high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by djskdj, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. So, I have some problems with marijuana (doesn't matter the way I take it).

    I've used for more than a hundred times now (because I keep insisting), and there's a problem that have no solution except from taking lower doses: Low blood pressure.

    When taking too much, my pressure will stay unstable and drop to the point of making me unable to stay conscious unless I lay down and put my legs up. If I simply lay down or sit i'll faint and stay unconscious, I don't come back after unless if someone hold my legs up (of course, no one ever let me unconscious for too long, but I didn't seem to come back by my own).

    The low pressure also makes me feel very cold and have a terrible shaking sometimes (however this is not really bad, because the shaking announces that the bad part is ending, so I usually take it lightly).

    I already tried every single thing to help my pressure, but it doesn't work, it just doesn't hold.

    So, what I do is taking less. But taking less doesn't have any fun. When I take enough to drop my pressure, I have a more psychedelic, strong trip, with distortions to almost all my senses. Something that may be enjoyable or, at least, interesting as a experience.

    In smaller amounts, marijuana only makes me feel a little bit high and enhances my touch and pain sensibility, and I usually feel heavy and feel my joints hurt. The excess of touch sensibility makes me feel uncomfortable, but alcohol can help in that.

    And that is how i've been taking it: Drinking and smoking just a little bit. However, it mostly has no fun at all. I've been doing that because some times, I don't know why, I get this really good effect, where I feel like in paradise, but it's not even a psychedelic trip. Feels like playing in a lottery, because that rarely happens.

    Once in a while I try taking a bit more to achieve it and I screw myself again with low blood pressure.

    So, does anyone know what I could do to help?

  2. Try drinking an energy drink or eating something with sugar in it you'll burn yourself out if your just getting high and not esting/staying hydrated
  3. You shouldn't be drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana at the same time, because they lower your blood pressure, also, as marijuana lowers your blood pressure a bit more, your veins take more alcohol than usually which leads again into an even worse blood pressure level drop.

    I would try to smoke without drinking and see if that makes any difference (it'll probably be better), also I would go and measure my blood pressure while sober because it may be extremely low and that isn't good as you could faint for a little drop.

    Probably eating or drinking things that contain sugar won't help you, because you're fainting because of your blood pressure, and not because of being in need of sugar.

    Anyways, are you trying to get to a very high point? Because maybe you smoke so much that you green out.

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  4. Sugar keeps your blood pressure up

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