I cant figure this out can anyone help me please

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  1. Ok guys I can't figure this out. It's be going on for about a week
    The top growth is mostly affected
    My medium Is Mary Janes blend . an organic soil
    They vegged for a month .
    In that time I fed maybe 2-3 times at half strength
    I always water with molasses in between feedings . That's why I don't think it could be a mag. Def. ????
    Today is day 3 of flower and I fed its first batch of flower nutes and trace minerals . I'm hoping this will help
    I'm thinking
    Light stress,
    Low mag.
    Maybe low sulfur
    My soil ph is always between 6.5 & 7 never above never lower

    I don't think it could be N because its mobile and it would move from my lower leaves to the top if needed

    Please help any opinions an constructive criticism are welcome

    And also if you want to see all the grow history it's in my grow journal
    Winter grow journal .

    Thanks for looking
    Here are pics of leaves I cut off a few min ago

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  2. Have you tried flushing the soil? It seems to be my answer to everything on here today but if you dont flush properly then nutrients build up!!

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  3. The problem has been going on for about 6 days 4 days ago I flushed with distilled water
    Then I made a compost tea ... 2 days ago I watered with a compost tea to see if that would help its been 2 days and the yellowing is getting worse .
    Today I fed with its first flower nutes :
    Tiger bloom at half strength
    Ill post pics of it in a few days to show you guys progress

    I have been reading and doing research like crazy. But I'm limited on funds and equipment
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    How much are you feeding? How close are your lights? If you hold your hand at the top of your plants can you feel the heat from your lights?

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    It looks like you were right to give it some nute's looks like it's hungry. The tips will do that when the availible nutes are getting low. The leaves will do the same for over nute but since your's are yellowing as opposed to overly green then it looks like Nute Def. Also the undersshot of the leaf is showing health. Just continue to feed but be carful not to over do it and keep a very close eye on your ph and you'll be good.
  6. Also i would say from how she look's that you are watering a tad to much.
  7. I haven't fed a full dose to any of my plants . But I don't have an ec or ppm meter ,only an analog soil ph meter .
    My lights are about 12-14" above plant I can hold my hand at the tips of the plants all day .
    I'm running 2x 400w hps
    Temps are running about 76-84 with lights on
  8. The leaf tips will do what when they want food ?
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    See how the very tips of the fan leaves are real yellow and on some is sarting to turn brown? Thats what i was refering to. But the paleness is the main reason i think it's underfed. The over water i got from how some of your leaves are drooping kinda tacoing downwards, The second pic shows this best. Your ph is good and your not over feeding, as long as your using w,w,f or w,f,w. How often are you watering? You letting them dry 80% before you do?
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    Yeah dude i see that
    i water about ever 5 days unless something like this happens and i have to flush
    i always let the roots go looking for water

    I'm lost i can read all day long about all the deficiencies but putting it into reality is kinda hard for me at this point.

    I thought it was my lights because this started happening along the time I put another 400 w in .
    The new one doesn't have a glass cover in the hood . But the plants under the glass covered hood started doing it to so I ruled the light stress out .
    It's only my two biggest plants that doing this

    In the pics in the original post. The pics with the purple under veins is one plant and all the leaves with green under veins are the other
    Both are headband strain

    Lights go on at noon I get home from work about six and ill take some more pics for an update

    On a good note it looks like both OG seeds I planted are female and healthy hahaha
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    Looks like nitrogen deficiency to me.
    This might help.


    By the way, flushing isn't a good idea with an organic soil.

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  12. Thanks for that haha I have about 7 bookmarks on my browser with this and several other good reads

    I've ruled out nitrogen for the fact that its a Mobil element as if it was def my dark ass green leaves at the bottom would transfer their N to the yellowing top leaves

    I don't know if my theory is correct but after all my reading that's what I come up with

    Any leaves I cut off I put on top of the soil so it can break down and release its nutes into the soil
    Mostly for the Nitrogen
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    Ahhh....sorry, missed the part about top leaves only
    Have you tried giving it a weak solution of an 'all around' nute? If it were mine I'd repot into some good healthy soil....and stop flushing. She's obviously missing something.

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  14. Here is some pics today I turned one light off to try and get a good pic with out the hps color distortion and lines

    I hope some one can help I appreciate all the previous comments and ideas

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  15. Pictures

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  16. Here is pics of some leaves I took yesterday
    They came from middle of the plant
    Any help is greatly appreciated

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  17. It looks like either a heavy ph lockout or a Mg deficiency. I'm not a pro myself but I had some similar problems back in veg. I would just flush with distilled hard and deal with other nutrient defs accordingly. It's easier to go back to the drawing board with flushes.
  18. I'm not sure how much you water overall though.
  19. Hey thanks for coming in . How long did it take for you to see yours recovering
    I notice it only takes a day or two to show its def.
  20. It will take a bit to show recovery on yours but mine was the beginning stages. That's IF it's a deficiency.

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