I can't figure it out-starting seeds in coco problem

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  1. I have only started a dozen seeds or so in my grow history...

    Lately I have been starting directly in coco and the first set of leaves, and often the second set, have been twisting/deforming.
    Before this I was starting in peat pellets and never saw this deformation....

    I started out watering with plain ph'd water and this time I tried putting just calmag+ in ph'd water and it did seem like less deformation this go around...

    On this batch I also started watering with full strength head formula when the second set was visible, I havent seen any burn or anything and they seem to have less deformation...but l was wondering if I should just start the seeds with watering full strength... has anyone tried this?
    Does anyone know what causes the leaf deformation?

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    Leaf deformation is bad genetics or heat problems. You will need the calmag ALWAYS if you use a reverse osmosis system(takes out the calcium and magnesium).. I would use a very diluted nute strength on the plants around the third set of leaves.

    Edit: stunted leaf growth can also be caused by nute deficiency
  3. do you keep that coco wet all the time?

    at this stage, its good to let it dry out a little before the next feeding to help w/ root development.

    what nutes are you feeding/going to be feeding?
  4. Check your PH meter is working and calibrated. It looks like your PH is off, which explains the twisting leaves. And don't ever use plain water in coco, always feed with some nutes.
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    I do keep the coco wet and I use the head formula with GH...
    6ml micro
    9ml bloom
    1gram epsom
    I found this to be lacking in calcium so I also use 4ml calmag+

    I do calibrat my ph meter and the nutrient water is alway 5.9
    I used to calibrate it every time I mixed nutrients but since it doesn't drift much I dropped that down to every few times I mix and even now it only drifts half to a whole decimal

    Once I started feeding the babies with nutes they seemed to stop twisting in comparison to previous starts...
    Next time I'm going to try feeding from the start to see if that prevents them from twisting all together

    Also for those wondering I use tap water because I asked for a water report and as it turns out our wahter here is really good...
  6. try to give your plant a little dry period.

    its good to let it dry out a bit before the next watering when their that young, helps with the root development

    try that out. w/ that nutes your using, you shouldnt be having any problems.

    what brand of coco are you in btw?
  7. I'm using gold label for these plants but I also have a 5kg block of cocotek for future grows
  8. gold label is some of the best coco you can get.

    just keep feeding your 6/9, let those cups dry up a bit in between waterings to get those roots to search for water and you should be good to go.

    also, you never know, some genetics have weird growth all the way though. those twisted leaves may just be kind of a trait.

    hell, i had a white widow one time that had almost tie dyed leaves lol. stayed that way the entire time.

    all in all, that little plant doesnt look bad at all. i wouldnt worry to much about it
  9. ok. if u ddnt completely rinse ur coco out with ph'd water before u planted ur going to have to fight it. i would check the run off ph of ur coco. and adjust it accordingly. also never water coco with just water always with nutes. even at a 1/4 streng but sumthing tht contains nutritional value as coco provides none for ur plants. the rootzoone ph is a big factor when using coco. ur looking for close to a 5.7 rootzoone which is optimal. meaning ur run off ph should be 6.3. check this out if u havent figured it out already. coco comes with LOTS of salts and needs to be flushed before planting.
  10. Plants have layers of cells. Each layer has a particular job. Most leaf twisting is caused by one of these layers of cells not growing as fast as the layer of cells adjoining it (bottom not growing as fast as the top). This could have a hormonal or an environmental cause.

    I see it regularly on my most vigorous seedlings in their first leaf set. It hasn't ever bothered my plants and when they hit their stride, around the 5th or 6th leaf set, the first twisted leaves can be removed if they are that much of an eye-sore.
  11. the twisted growth can be a trait lol, I went through everything I could to try and correct a few mutants I got from Crop king seeds( a green crack and a dark angel both had very odd leaf deformations, some taco'ing, and just grew differently than the 20 sisters of varying crop king strains. I looked with a 100x loupe thinking I had russets or broad mites and never found an egg or a live body and treated with green clean just in case anyway, bought a calibration and cleaning kit for my pen and reset it to perfect with the 7.0 solution and 4.0 solution, still same looks, they made it all the way through flower just looking goofy as hell. but both yielded just fine.
    Lock all your variables down and if they keep growing keep going lol

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