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  1. Hey so a few days ago I got creative. I was cleaning the roor with 99% iso alc. After I had scrubbed each part clean I saved the used iso in a jar and then poured it onto a plate.

    So tonight all the iso had evaporated and I scaped off the plate. What I got was a peanut m&m sized piece of sticky black hash. I then heated the piece up a bit and rolled it in some keef I'd been saving.

    Me and my buddy smoked a piece the size of a 6mm bb and each got 10+ hits it never ended lol. And I higher than I'd been in along while. It was like the equivalent of smoking and 1/8 in one sit.

    So the moral of the story is keep your pipes clean and save the iso. I never tried it because I thought it'd be gross but it actually tasted really good and it was resin built up over a month of burning dank. I smoked roughly 3 hours ago and I'm still feeling it so sorry for rambling. :)
  2. nice im going to do this with my pipe soon

    i think my friends did and threw it all away
  3. I remember scraping my pipe and pulling out .3g of resin. I took the thing to the dome and the high was quite nice, to say the least. Nothing...and I mean nothing...compares to the time I packed half a gram of dry sift(kief). This bowl lasted at least 20 minutes...and made me forget it was 4th of July. :metal:

  4. hahaha, made me laugh

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