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I can't do this justice, but ...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ColoradoWolf, Sep 12, 2001.

  1. I gotta say that I am so befuddled, frightened, angry, disgusted, and sad that I cannot even begin to explain my feelings about the wholly despicable, and utterly heinous acts of war perpetrated against the United States, yesterday, September 11, 2001. I have, yet, to get fully past the "Wow" factor. I am still so stunned that, at times, I can't tell if I am numb or overwhelmed.

    Monday night, I went to bed after a night at the bar where I work, and I felt pretty damn good. I woke up yesterday morning at 8:30 am PDT, and started to get ready for work. I was five minutes from heading out, when one of my roommates had come back from work.

    "Have you seen the news, yet?", he asked.

    I said I hadn't, and went back to brushing my hair.

    "You want to," he said, and turned on the T.V.

    Now, my first reaction to what I was seeing was that this was a Hollywood movie. I barely made out what appeared to be Manhattan completely engulfed in dust, and smoke. It didn't really look like Manhattan, though.

    "That's New York," my roommate said.

    "What? Are you fuckin' serious? What the fuck happened?"

    "The World Trade Center is gone."


    And, then, I saw my first images of the burning towers, with holes ripped into their sides that have no business on a World Trade Center tower. And, then, one tower appeared to start to collapse.

    "They collapsed?", I asked, still not at all sure what to make of what I was seeing.


    "Both of them?"


    "To the ground?"


    Then, footage of the second WTC tower collapse came on, and then it hit me. It hit me that Manhattan didn't look right because the WTC towers weren't there. They were gone.


    Then, footage of the Pentagon ... The fucking Pentagon had been hit. That would be international news of monumental weight on any other given day. Today, it was a bitter exclamation point on this whole dirty, sordid affair.

    It took me a good two hours to even begin to accept that what I was seeing had actually occurred. I spent the rest of the day in a mental, and emotional void. I was so completely stunned ... and saddened ... and angered ... and disgusted.

    I will remain to be so. What occurred yesterday cannot be justified, because to do so would be to justify our loss of control. It can't be justified. I feel that the U.S. government, through decades of partisan wrangling over trivialities, has failed the American people. There is no excuse, because the U.S. government failed to perform its primary reason for existence: to defend and protect its citizens. Americans got a horrific lesson taught to it yesterday: It doesn't just happen "over there."

    Now, the U.S. government had better do its job, because the American people are trusting the government to handle this in a manner that meets out the appropriate justice, if there is such justice for an event like this. I, as an American, am trusting the government to do this, and to this goal I give my total support.

    I am just stunned, plain and simple. I am coming to grips that this is war. I would hope the world understands that the U.S. will not allow this to go unavenged, and that this is not a simple cruise missile counterattack. Those responsible for this have to be eliminated entirely. The U.S. demands justice. I demand justice.

    My generation has lost its innocence. Now, I fully understand that phrase. Now, I understand the feelings of Americans when Pearl Harbor occurred, and when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I understand. What I saw and experienced yesterday, and in the days to come, will be with me always. I understand.

    The times are dangerous, now. Yesterday, my generation grew up, as did all Americans. We all watched in horror as the realities of war unfolded before our very eyes. We all watched an American icon crumble to the ground. We all witnessed a U.S. military icon get damaged by an act of war. These acts are far outside of any experience I have ever had, and I believe that I can speak for most, if not all, Americans with that sentiment. These acts are so far outside of any experience I have ever had that I can not help but be completely stunned ... and saddened ... and angered ... and disgusted.

    My sincerest condolences to the victims' families, and so many yet to be accounted for. I feel that's inadequate, somehow. It is truly heart felt. My heart aches for all of the people of New York City. America is with you, NYC.

  2. Shock, disgust, disbelief, and yes, the WOW factor is something I've caught myself in several times and feel a little guilty about it.

    I was young, 6,7,8, when Viet Nam was winding down. But the first political event that messed with my generation that we were aware enough to notice, was the hostage taking incident in Iran. Since then it has always been the terrorists that have been the biggest problem. I guess we should'nt be shocked that it happened. All it was ever gonna take was one of these twisted religious zealots with the desire to do it, and the means available.

    It's time to go kick some ass. But let's not start shooting at anything that smells like a target. Let's hope the FBI does'nt lose any files. Figure out ALL the parties involved. Then eradicate them. Then let the whole civilized world get together and do away with this shit altogether. It's time to get tough with Israel AND Palastine! They've got to work this shit out and put a stop to this fucking insanity. Even though this region has been contested for ages, it's my opinion that this is the one last festering leftover of WWII.

    I'm also tired of hearing that it's our governments fault because of foriegn policy. Shit! There's a large majority of the time that I don't like and distrust my government! But this attack was not directed at a military target(ok I'll give you the Pentagon) but at ordinary working people who's only crime was showing up for work. What did this accomplish?

    Afgahnastan? Better go talk with the Soviets before we go in there.
  3. I hear you, Smokinokie. I don't blame U.S. foreign policy for this. Instead, I blame the lax stance that the U.S. government allowed to come into being, especially at our airports, because of misguided partisan bickering.

    I am enraged that this attack was so blatantly aimed at American civilians. In war, sneak attacking military targets is one thing, but hitting major civilian centers with no warning for the sole purpose of killing those civilians is another beast, altogether. It cannot be tolerated, nor forgiven.

    I also join you, Smokinokie, in the sentiment that the U.S. cannot go off half-cocked on this one. I want the government to be as sure as feasibly possible before making any sort of retaliation. Then, dole out that retaliation on our terms, as brutally as we can, as quickly as we can, no matter who the perpetrators are.

    Also, I have no good feelings about taking care of this in Afghanistan. Definitely, talk to the Russian vets that fought in the Soviet-Afghani conflict of the 80's.

    It's just an emotional time.

  4. i too feel as if all our inocence is lost
    it cant be possible
    i still cant believe anyof this has happened..
    not here....
  5. Empty your mailbox! I can't send ya anything!!!!!
  6. Damn, I love you guys! I was perusing the Yahooka Politics forum where anti-American sentiment (even by Americans) is running at it's typical fevered pitch. Some of the posters there even claim we had it coming. They me ill: I want to tear their lungs out for even suggesting something as ludicrous as that. Some of then have the audacity to call this country a police state. True, our drug laws are draconian, but a police state? Maybe I'm not very observant, but I haven't seen the Stazi steal my neighbors away in the middle of the night.

    Uh, sorry about that rant dudes.....

    I feel violated by these recent events. It seems like our country's options are limited as far as resolution is concerned. We are past the purvue of diplomacy at this point. I hate to give the appearance of a warmonger, but I say fuck 'em, let those responsible eat napalm.
  7. Come on. Just because a few religious nuts happen to be of that descent doesn't mean that they should be generalized with such a nasty slur. I am still outraged about what happened, but I blame those responsible, not the whole race, the same way I believe that the descendents of slaves in the US should blame those responsible and not all white people. Both sides of my family immigrated after the civil war and I still get shit for being white.

  8. remember what McGruff sed: racism is for looooooooosers!!!!
  9. wow, now i thought i was here when that happened?

  10. While you may not, please try to refrain from letting that show through in your postings.
  11. Having no respect for them...fine..I can 'respect' that opinion..

    but flat out generalization and racism is an entirely different story.

    Sadly the media is one-sided, and im guessing thats where you get your info from..

    well, you know, every day there are many muslims that pursue peaceful lives and try to make know why you don't know about them? Because peace doesn't sell newspapers...doesn't increase ratings...peace doesn't interest the common person nearly as much as it should. They rather see death and hear about destruction..I pity those who see the world we live in as a episode of 'days of our lives'
  12. We have pretty much occupied their country. IMO, we don't really have any business left there. We wanted Saddam out of power, used bullshit excuses, and accomplished that goal. Now, we should return the country to the people. You could say those suicide bombers and everyone still shooting at our soldiers are patriots. They are defending their country. Just because they country is predominantly muslim does not mean that muslims are predominantly violent.

  13. dude.. shut the fuck up. i dont care how much you hate the poeple that did what they did.. but you have no right to say that about the whole country.. thats insain, no sorry.. stupidity.. you cant blame a whole race for what happened, i know many people who are muslim that cried after what happened, people from every race, color, and heritage were in those towers, some mabey the firefighters that lost their lifes trying to save everyone in there.. i have just lost all respect as a person i had for you after saying such a thing.. you should really look at your outlook upon life.. "they" dont hate "us" they are us
  14. OOT:

    What freaked me out even more is this new video on North Korean life I just watched, the children are taught to hate america as children, they are also taught that WE started the war in korea, and we are "still at war with north korea"??? These people are ALL brainwashed, not racism, it's a fact.
  15. I was just watching this thing about the north korean class system. It seems that no matter what people call themselves they're always reduced to a basic system of survival of the fittest. In this respect it's the same whether you're a capitalist or a communist.

    When you throw a secularist government into the mix it becomes fascism. In this kind of scenario the only way for some groups to gain power is to do what no one else is willing to. I find their acts dispicable but in the same vein I can understand their plight. It seems the american government wants it's citizens to generalize the entire middle eastern world as terrorists. The fact is that there are all kinds of people (everywhere) and most of them can't say what they really think.

    I'm sure there are people everywhere that rebel against their own respective backwards societies. In the western world we go online and yell all sorts of opinions and blather at each other. In the eastern world (most of it) there's always a line that can't be crossed. Some places they'll kill you for saying the wrong thing so it's simply much more logical to do it with underground tactics. There has always been such a thing as anti establishment graffiti in opressive societies. I suspect there are people everywhere that go to extremes to get out their message without killing anyone. The only thing is that we're never going to see this stuff.
  16. .. im a bit sleep deprived... so if someone already said this i appologise...

    US gov KNEW it was gonna be happening...not only did they permit it they prepaired for it LONG in advance.


    so they could get the people rattled enough and united enough to be able to go tearing ass all over the world.

    we havnt seen the end of this by a long way.

    "Make love not war."

  17. Digit had this nailed ... In the nearly 5 years since starting this thread, I have spent untold hours researching 9/11, which is something the federal government has been loathe to do. The Kean Commission was a smokescreen, and the government-ordained "official version of events" (hereafter OVOE) has become tantamount to scripture. Questioning the OVOE is blasphemy, it seems. Indeed, those who dare to question the OVOE are to be marginalized as "tinhat-wearing conspiracy nuts", no matter what. Well, the OVOE is a conspiracy theory, plain and simple, and one that just does not make any sense given facts that I have researched. Fellow blades, I cannot stress enough what dangerous times 9/11 ushered into our lives.

    The "war on terror" (oops ... "The Long War", now) is a farce of Orwellian proportions. How can one wage war on an abstract, subjective concept? One person's terrorist is another's freedom fighter ... just look at British sentiment at the time of the American Revolution. And what has this war brought to the U.S.? Nothing short of the imminent collapse of the United States of America as it has existed for nearly 230 years. If you think I'm paranoid on this, all I ask is that you do the research. There are many, many legitimate questions that need to be answered, and the government will continue to steadfastly refuse to answer, or stray from the farce that is the OVOE.

    For a start, research the group Project for a New American Century (PNAC, many members of which are in the highest echelons of the federal government), and their document "Rebuilding America's Defenses", published September, 2000. It's a damned blueprint for what we are now witnessing America doing in our names. 9/11 was their "new Pearl Harbor" needed to galvanize public support for the imperial conquest of the world, starting with the Middle East. Add to this the religious fervor being fomented, and we are witnessing nothing less than a new 21st century Crusade. It's sickening.

    Digit is correct ... this is not ending anytime in the foreseeable future. Next stop: Iran ... with nukes, no less. Fucking insanity, plain and simple. The U.S. used to be a respected nation. Now, thanks to the smirking chimp in the Oval Office and his handlers, the U.S. is the biggest thug in the world. We're in a lot of trouble, and if Americans would shut off ESPN, American Idol, and their iPods long enough then we could actually generate the public support necessary to stop this absolute insanity before destroys the last of our liberties.

    Had to get that off my chest.

  18. ^ word... i despise bush for what he has done to this country, and to my future... my father refuses to see my side, and simply calls me "young and ignorant" and "unable to veiw the larger picture" saying bush was the lesser of 2 evils in kerry.... im not saying kerry would've been a miracle leader.... but good lord.... alls i know is, im moving to fucking canada before too long....iran's gunna happen people, you think with all those troops over there, bush is gunna hesitate to push the envelope? and thats gunna get isereal involved if iran gets touched..... its not looking good......alls i can say is, there better be a fucking revolt if they try to instate a draft... :( im not fighting for him, and i dont wanna go to jail..... yay...!
  19. A lot of people are now really believing the government knew of the attack, some even think they planned it out, I am not too sure about that but I do know that sept 11 was a weird day for me, I was just like, woah. Completely confused, cause I had no idea what these towers were but I still heard reports about it.

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