I can't do this! (emotional breakdown warning)

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    This is me freaking out about my recent workload.
    I hate to disappoint people and the thought of me disappointing my friends with my inability to finish all these things is making me freak out. I just need to be able to get this out to people who might understand (and who aren't my boyfriend... poor thing has to listen to me worry all the time..)
    If this is too soft-core for you, I'm sorry for wasting your time.

    My boyfriend, our three friends and I are trying to make a video game company with the xbox360 community thing with the downloads and shit.
    We're making a game for the XNA contest that's due in August and I have to make all the monsters.
    There's like 45 monsters including bosses.
    I have finished 2.
    I have to finish 19 of them by next Monday, with each monster having 2-3 animations (we have 4 maps and are making the monsters based on the map, the first map has the most monsters since we're going to recolor them and reuse them to take pressure off me... hah).
    These monsters are built, pixel by pixel, by me.
    Thats like, 40something animations, PLUS the sprite sheets (god damn those sprite sheets.!
    This means I only have about 3 hours (realistically) each day to work on these fuckers and I am totally at my wit's end on this and I've barely begun. Everyone's depending on me to make these monsters!
    I hate pixels.
    I have to use a 6x6 block so that they look bigger (the monsters are about 150x150 and we want them to have a sort of SNES feel to them) and if I'm one pixel off it looks HORRIBLE.
    not to mention I'm such a perfectionist I"ll fucking freak out for an hour on one frame. I have like 170something frames to make!
    And I can't ask for help because everyone else has tons of shit to do and I don't want to burden anyone with my problems.

    I don't know what to do, I can't do this, there's too many things too make and I'm just to overwhelmed with it all right now.
    I feel like a failure and I haven't even failed yet!

    I don't know what to do...
  2. Really?! That's all? The hell is wrong with you?
  3. Yeah sorry I'm not some sort of amazingly strong person like you are, I buckle under pressure and lately its been too much for me so I figured I could seek some comfort from the blades here.
    Sorry to dissapoint you with my weakness.

  4. Haha..... Wow... How shitty of you. :smoke:

    Anyway, we all fell overwhelmed at one time or another. It's just another consequence of being human.

    Just know that this too will pass and when it's crunch time, you will grind that out.
  5. Yeah, I'm shitty... abuse will do that to a kid. :rolleyes:
  6. I'm sure every one of your friends are stressing over this too. You should let them know that your having a hard time finishing the monsters. Ask for an extension! I'm sure they'll be ok with it.
  7. They are, and that's why I don't want them to be burdened with my freaking out about disappointing them.
    We're trying to get another friend (who actually went to college for animation (although it takes a LONG ass time to get a hold of her)) to help take some of the work load off the rest of us (although my friends (except my BF) are ALL unemployed, so they have 18 hours a day, 7 days a week of available time to work on this stuff.
    I just finished the ghost.. was gonna make it two frames... one fucking frame... fuck the ghost he can remain still the whole fucking time.
  8. Try to farm out some of the work to your friends who aren't working on the game with you.

    I know if I had extra time I'd love fucking around in a sprite program, even if you have to touch up their work a little bit afterwards I bet it would save you some time?
  9. u make munsters u make it now!
  10. Oh man making characters for video games fucking sucks. Takes sooooo long to do all that shit and its really boring too. Good luck with that meyn

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