I can't do this anymore.

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    No more cocaine.

    The money, the staying up all night cause I can no longer just put the bag down even when I got work in the morning, whenever your out it's the worst feeling.

    I just can't keep doing it. With self control the drug is fine. I just lost my self control with it..

    Gonna be tough havin a dealer right next door but...oh well. More money atleast

    EDIT: I took my last hit of freebase roughly 1 1/2 hours ago. Bought $70 worth smoked it in about 2 hours....it was a small night.

    Took one 1mg xanax and 10mg of hydrocodone right before the last hit so they would hit quicker on the comedown.

    Now 1 1/2 hours later I'm lettin another 1mg xanny disolve under tongue. See if I can start gettin tired soon :(

    On the bright side I have 2gs of some great shrooms. Big fat gold caps, and some very nice nug.
  2. Good luck man.
  3. Far out. Wish you well mate, you got a hell of a journey to go. Ill smoke a bowl for ya!:D
  4. id replace coke with weeeeeed asap
    it sux going to school, then going to work most days of da week ad getting paid 8bucks an hr
    i dont even know what im talking about
    if u can afford coke just get burned out all the time, hell if i did that that would be the life
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    Oh yea I still got alot of shit lol dro, shwag, shrooms, im prescribed 1mg xanax for sleep (lol) and get free hydros. Ima still be high as fuck alot lol :smoking:

    I have no problem quitting habbits. Whenever im tempted I just always think "so your gonna quit now? This is too tough huh...you can't even say no"

    Shit works...I just love cocaine....it really is one helluva drug! :smoking:

    Oh and I'm outta school. Just work full time. Money isn't the issue lol that's somethin I got an addiction too...never dry :D it's just getting too stupid to pay 100+ a week on fucking powder. I mean in moderation coke is just a nice treat. Like eating out at a nice restaraunt.

    Well I fuckin mobbed red lobster every night as far as the coke goes...it was my own fault. I saw it coming but ignored it. I can convince myself of anything and ignore myself.
  6. its 3 in the morning and I cant quit doing lines cause it feels to fucking good
  7. thats awsome your seein this shit diceman, most people dont till its to late. dont let it get to that point man good luck

  8. i understand lol

    im startin to like xanax
  9. Oh man. I been back home for bout 20 minutes. Its 5:21 am. I been smokin n snortin all night *****.

    I definitely feel where youre coming from. For a while I was a straight basehead. between freebasing and speedballing I was fucked up all the time man. :(

    I quit the speedballs, but I havent broken loose from the blow. The white bitch got me by the balls :(
  10. man its easy to quit coke.. just watch some videos on how its made..

    your destroying the inside of your face.

    it is one helluva drug though!

    best of luck to you man, stay high on the herb
  11. Doing coke sucks.

    My college ID, from 2002 is a clear indication of why I should've never used cocaine.

    I lost a lot of weight, talked shit to people I loved and blew a lot of money.
  12. I've seen messier situations over powder and it's yet to keep me from doing it. The draw it has...man it don't matter how nasty the product is. The high just makes it worth it lol not like with hotdogs.

    I saw how hotdogs were made on that howitsmade show. All I know is meat should never look like chococlate whip cream. Fuck eatin those lol

    Just took some shrooms a couple mins ago. He says it's only 2g's but it was 5 big ass stems (6") with huge gold caps on each one and a couple extra caps/stems.

    Beautiful mushies..same kind I always get but these looked real good.
  13. Good vibes Diceman. Enjoy those shrooms, and good on you for getting off the powder.

    But I can't agree with you on hotdogs man...fucking delicious. Give me a pack of Hebrew Nationals and a 6 pack of beer and I'm in heaven...don't care how they're made, lol. At least it isn't Scrapple haha
  14. Why not just graduate to H and end it all? It looks mighty destructive what you are doing to yourself. It's tough out there, good luck to you.
  15. Whats with the negative vibes man? He's trying to get off the shit, and instead of being supportive you just talk out of your ass.

    Where's the love?
  16. shit mayne seems as if alot of people are gettin tired of they habits lately..me included.

    you gotta wanna be done to be done, so if ya wanna be done with the shit, then be done with it. fuck it, shits a drug an thats it ya know. aint nothin more

    shit youre sayin you got xannies and vicodins prescribed to ya, well thats more than alot of people, i keep thinkin i should be more grateful for my current situation with havin fire nugs all the time whenever i feel, but i still gotta go out there and buy pills from people, go on the hunt. ya feel me..so shit just be grateful you got the hook on those.

    good luck homie hope to see ya update this shit with positive news.:smoke::smoke:
  17. lol yea it aint about no good or bad vibes for me. I've preached that since the begining.

    When I choose to do something I do it. It's a difficult thing to do so yea I take pride in this ability. I won't be touching cocaine ever again but it's only thanks to me.

    I could do it in little bits but I know it will only slowly increase so the decision has been made.

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