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I can't do jack when i'm high.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MaRiJuaN0, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I consistently hear people saying they like to wake-n-bake and smoke all day bla bla bla. How the fuck? When I smoke, I get really high. I feel like laying down and just enjoying it. I have no desire to do any sort of laundry or go anywhere. Marijuana shuts my ass down. While for others it seems to stimulate? I suppose everyone reacts differently. And it might have something to do with sativa or indica eh?
  2. You are most likely smoking Indica dominant buds. When I smoke I like to get out and do stuff, buds motivate me to do things, a wake up kind of like caffeine for some people.
  3. I also think it has to do with tolerance and how high you get, you are probably getting really high right now but if you develop a tolerance it wont blow you away as much and you will be able to function more, but no one likes a high tolerance
  4. depends on what i'm smoking, if i'm smoking some really indica stuff, i'll probably be good for the first couple hours of the day and want to crash right afterwards and lack a lot of energy. if i smoke some strong sativa i'm motivated and i actually do stuff.

    depends on how much you smoke too, because whenever i smoke like a full bowl in the morning, i'm high and motivated and do stuff, but i usually lack energy throughout the day, as opposed to if i smoke a snapper and then i just feel smarter and don't really lack energy.
  5. Same here. Usually a small bong hit of a good sativa and I'm straight to do shit all day. Only if I'm lookin to just kick back and really chill will I smoke a lot, or I'll smoke some indica
  6. Indica makes me lazy. Sativa makes me the opposite.
  7. :smoking:If it's a sativa then i can be totally blitzed and still get shit done(with the occational what was i doing?) and with indica i still can get stuff done just feel like sleeping in the end.:hippie::smoke:
  8. i dont pay attention to sativa or indica, i just get high, i can be productive either way no problem, but when i was smoking i had a pretty high tolerance, so i would just smoke whatever i wanted then feal good for a few hours.
  9. it depends on how i feel through the day. if i feel like being active i like to go on nature trails and swimming. other days i just watch Friday and have a shitload of snacks right next to my face.
  10. Can someone please explain to me what makes the indica high a different type of high than a sativa high? Are they made up of different things? I understand that they give different highs, but I don't about how.

    Excuse the spelling, hatm.
  11. depends on tha bud, and u might still be an amateur, cuz im at tha point where i can do everything high, skate high, school high, talk to tha rents high
  12. Indica and sativa have different ratios of cannabinoids. Sativa plants have high THC levels and low CBD levels end vise versa for indica. That's why the type of high changes depending on the strain, and why no weed is ever the same :D
  13. i don't know man, i pretty much do anything and everything high. going to school high, being around my parents high, hell i even go to family parties high. to be honest i actually prefer going to school high. i focus more when i need to and it's more entertaining when i'm just kickin' back.
  14. Well I hope you're not doing jack while you're high.
  15. I really am the exact same way. I like to lay down on the couch and do nothing. Its most likely because I smoke Indica dominant buds. I've never had an energetic high.
  16. you just keep getting strians that make you sleepy
  17. i get high...if its the beginning of the day or i have stuff to do i do it....if its at night i might not do shit...
  18. I too like to just sit back and relax when I smoke, regardless of the strain.

    I like to wait to get all my stuff done, and THEN smoke, so I can associate getting high with having fun and relaxing, and not associating it with work or chores.

    just my opinion though. cheers
  19. Who does laundry when they're high?
  20. Gotta do what you gotta do. :cool:

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