I can't deal with women.

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  1. I seriously can't. I just want a normal chill non judgmental or crazy friend that isn't like nails on chalk board to be around, drama all the time. Sometimes I think..did i used to be like that? I don't know ever since I graduated high school I find it really really really hard to make friends with girls. Anyone else have this problem? I thought about placing an ad on CL but I'm afraid of getting freaks.
  2. nahh your fine. lots of girls nowadays are hard to actually interact with on a deeper level. maybe because a lot of them are so hard hard pressed to be socialites. but i do have lots of girlfriends that are like that, they dont have a problem, they just rather chill then compete with other women all the time.
  3. yeeeeeeee brop
  4. ohh i feel the same way. i HATE girls. all my friends are guys, even my best friend. i had one girl friend, and she was just always trying to start shit with people for no reason and i just wasnt having that.
  5. yall are the more level headed girls. pot will do that to ya
  6. eff yeh I do. I don't even bother anymore. I rarely run into hella chill females...I'll jes kick it with men or my own....
  7. In my second run through college I noted that many of the young women were much more shallow than the young women when I went through at 18. I'm not the only one who noticed
    Look to the popular media for how women are being programmed to behave.
    just sayin, there's got to be a reason for it.
  8. Just try not to be so judgemental and accept flaws in other people. Just like you said you don't want to be judged. Take it easy on other girls.

    I'll let you in on a secret. You have no idea how much men placate women. Even if you think you do you don't. You can't expect women to be as nice to you as men are. We purposely go out of our way to make you comfortable. We are nowhere near as nice to each other as we are to girls.

    But you need other girl friends. There is a gender gap and there are some things you just can't do with guy friends, and you will never be friends in the same way guys are with other guys. There are times when a girl is a real third wheel to a group.

    My point is guys treat you very nice because they are giving you what is essentially a boyfriend audition. They act super nice to you and will often do it for a long time. Sometimes a very long time. Hanging out, cooking for you, taking you places. But eventually, and usually when you are at a weak point they try to sleep with you.

    Don't be fooled by the nice guy stuff. Humans in general are rather self centered. Its just women are the sought after gender, and its easier to get males to pretend to be interested in you. That doesn't mean they are doing it for nice reasons.

    I don't know that women are any more self centered than men, but I would say they are more transparently self absorbed.

  9. i enjoyed reading your reply. I can agree on a lot of your points. My problem is that I do not want to be emotionally involved in any relationship either it be with female or male...I can get away with this with men and still be able to hang out or talk even with long gaps between. I do this to a female and she gets upset or we are no longer cool n ready to just chill on the spur.

    I am not clueless to many males intentions, I chose to be passive about it. I give none, they get none. They can go on years knowing me and stop their boyfriend audition whenever they like. I won't budge. I never call men even if we are just friends so I can just scratch the third wheel off because they ask me to hang out.

    Nonetheless, thanks for posting this...it's great insight for everyone.
  10. You and my wife would get along perfectly. She has always said that even when trying she can't be friends with other women because of the drama and cattiness. She is a very level headed non judgmental kind of person.
  11. All my friends are guys pretty much..I have a couple girl friends who I met in boarding school and they live so far away I never see them...there's one girl in my town I get a long with but we are not really friends...I used to have another girl friend until she started trying to get with my ex, god..she was twofaced and I stopped talking to her.
    Only problem with having all guy friends is my boyfriend doesn't quite know how to feel about me chilling with guys...when I'm pretty sure none of them see me as a girl lol.but whatever...
    Just be friends with who you want. Ocassionaly there are girls who are more down to earth, sometimes there are guys who are whiney dramatic little bitches lol.be happy with the good friends you have and fuck all the haters.
  12. i've only met one girl who i could be real to.. which sucks
  13. I am a guy and I have a lot of chick friends. Chicks tend to gravitate towards me because I am very loud in a good way. I reek of confidence so I feel chicks sense that and it goes back to finding the alpha male. Thats at least how I see it. haha
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one! I would say the girls I have met so far it isn't that they are self centered that bothers me, its the constant competition. I don't have a need to compete with any bitches, and its like that all girls want to do. Who has a better boyfriend who has a better job, who makes more money, who has a nicer car, etc and I really don't care I just want to chill. Or when women you don't even know give you a dirty ass look. I try to eliminate all drama in my life as much as possible and a lot of girls seem to thrive on it.

    With guys it isn't that they are nicer to me than girls its just they aren't filled with drama. Maybe its just because I moved away from all my friends for a year or so and was really only friends with guys and only hung out with guys that coming back to hanging out with girls sucks LOL.
  15. the key is to get your guy friends to befriend another girl or two. the girls they bring back should be chill and level headed like you seem to be. so yll should get along.
  16. Had tons of chill girl friends and then we just sorta parted ways. One of my "best" friends since 5th grade moved to sanfran, and the day before she moved, she sold me out dirty style on my birthday. Fuckin bitch made me cry, we didnt even say goodbye.

    A little bit after that my two best friends came into my life, they are awesomeee and im sure theyll be around for a long time. They are dating each other, and i dont feel third wheel at all. We have a good time even if we are just studying together.
    Trust me, chill girls are extreeemely hard to find, but theyre out there. Ive figured out that chill people usually gravitate towards each other, just wait for it :) Good luck

  17. uggggh!!! i h8 that dirty look!! lol even when u didn't do shit but show up. i wanna pounce, but i'd jes b like them. I completely agree with the drama part...that's the chill part.
  18. i only got a handful of ride or die chicks in my circle and they are the epitome of down ass bitches -- granted i did grow up with them. however as for meeting new girls now a days, definitely pretty hard. not as easy as it used to be like in elementary school where you walk up and show a girl your new sticker or doll and then be like 'wanna play?' -- then you turn into BFFs and the rest is history.
  19. everybody has the capacity to be conniving, self-centered, or just unpleasant, regardless of sex. it just expresses itself differently in different people. a greater proportion of my friends are dudes, but being a dude myself, this has been the case since kindergarten.

    now when it comes to relationship-type stuff, i'm with you... y'all don't communicate enough, got me confused as hell :laughing:

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