i cant correct my ph.

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  1. ok so i posted a thread about my plants probs. here yellowing and i followed doc gg's recomendations. i flushed with at least 9-12gals of tap water w/ a ph of 7.02-7.08 (seems to jump a little) , plants in a 10" or 3gal pot. after my flush my runoff ph is @ 6.77, so i flushed it more to try to raise the ph useing ph of 7.5, & my runoff ph still wont get any higher, it actually got a little lower around a ph of 6.73. should i continue to flush until the ph is at 6.8. from what im assuming is that the fert salts are still working its way out the bottom. & the runoff water is about 95% clear, & my meter is calibrated.
  2. Why would you raise the ph, you need a ph of 6.5-6.8 for soil Sounds like you are on the mark.
  3. skatestreet is correct your in the zone now

    you use 7.0-7.2 for flush and your runoff is 6.8 that means your soil is actually 6.5-6.6

    be happy:D
  4. thanks guys. the concern i had was that every time i put ph corrected water through it, the runoff ph got lower & lower, it started at 6.8 then down to 6.77, & then 6.73. do u know why its doing that. b/c like gg said if it was 6.8 then soil is 6.5-6.6, so if my runoff ph is 6.73 then the soil is 6.43-6.53, barely in the right range of 6.5-6.8, & what if it keeps dropping. hey i seen the dr gg post, yes most props to u gg, & everybody else, i think i try to say thanks most the time when helped. & gg the yellowing i posted yesterday thats in the link above, is way worse, almost like right b4 my eyes, the only leaves not yellowing are the ones around the buds, & those are getting lighter w/ red & yellow veins. thanks in advance
  5. this is not uncommon the rootball is holding more acid, I have had to actually use a garden hose and let it run for a 1/2 hour to clear a sour rootball

    Im doing it at this very moment, from acidic MG Bloom Booster Ive been testing
  6. hmm that is interesting, you are purposely feeding a plant a acidic mg to see how it will react?

  7. thank gg, u da man. i was kinda thinking the same but, ive been going out & running the hose in it for 15-20min (bout 6-7gals), every 1hr or so since. did it this way b/c i was woried about to much water at once & lack of o2, its working though, the ph is up to 6.79. thanks again, i learned something new "sour rootball". +rep

  8. dont worry about the rootballs being flooded & the lack of O2.....just get it over with
    the plant can handel it , think of it as 2 days non stop pouring rain

    getting the PH in the zone is more important
  9. thanks again for the quick responce, i got runoff up to 6.87, good enough for me.
  10. you may want to add 1 ounce of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to 3 gallons of water. It will sure give your plants roots some oxygen.

  11. got that covered, i alway use h2o2 when i water, well in this final flush, but thanks for lookin out, & 1oz is too much, it only takes a few cap full per gallon.

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