I can't choose where to eat.

Discussion in 'General' started by adamp, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Okay so Taylor street, like a block down from me, has a bunch of restaurants and I can't choose.

    So I'm leaving it up to a GC Poll :D
  2. wheres the poll?
  3. added
  4. Pizza mang.
  5. I'd go with the thai, but just cause I'm feeling that right now myself. :yummy:
  6. thai ive never had it and always heard great things.
  7. are you strapped for cash or does it matter?
  8. doesn't matter much. i decided to go for the pizza. i can only eat half of a large and i'm stuffed, so i'll save the other half for dinner tomorrow :D

  9. you started a poll then just decided to go for the pizza? :mad:

  10. Poor choice man.

    Poor choice.

    Just kidding, what kind of stoner doesn't like pizza?
    ROCK ON!
  11. yo brother you should have got the thai food.

    the spices are so good.

    a red curry would be so good right now
  12. hells yeah, i voted for pizza! i havent had good pizza in a long time. good deal too:hello:
  13. yeah lol. i got so hungry typing all the choices in that i just ordered the one that got the first vote :D
  14. Thai food man, what the fuck are you doing eating pizza when even you say they have the best pad thai... Pad thai is delicious especially with some nice chili pepper sauce on it.
  15. what kind of person are you?!?!
    you make a poll, you go with the results!


    ..but seriously. you let me down.
  16. lol! that's fucking hilarious! you gotta go with the pizza though man, if you ever move you'll die for that shit! i moved from new york to florida, and im stuck with some shitty ass commercial pizza.:(

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