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  1. ok, so heres the deal.....my gf is 17, and her mom thinks shes a"good girl"...fuck no...lol, well she found out that courtney smoked pot and fucked me....so she was mad but shes like w/e cus she was a partier too. And then like, since we started sexxxing we ran out of condoms....but she was like begging me...so i did....and this mornin she told me shes pregnant......no joke..my girl is pregnant..and i didnt even nut in her. I dont know how to react....im a little confused and how am i supposed to tell my rents? I'm only 19 as of last march 26. so i think i'm a bit to young for a kid

  2. abortion :|
  3. that fucking sucks dude, put it up for adoption
  4. Yeah you really fucked yourself over on this one.

    Flame me all you like, but it's your fault.

    You got a choice between a dead fetus, a kid with a really shitty childhood, or the next 10 years of your life are dedicated to the little tike.
  5. well something is not right how can it be yours :confused::confused:

  6. Im pretty sure precum can get a chick pregnant.
  7. Thats what happens when you have sex with people under the age of consent. That sucks dude. First of all, are you sure she's not just trying to screw you over(no pun intended). Or are you really close. You say you didn't nut in her, but sometimes she caan still get pregnant due to leakage before cumming. I would ask to see a pregnancy test that she takes while you are there. If for sure she is pregnant, you might be in for some huge trouble, besides being a young father, her mom can press charges against you wich might mean some jail time for you. I would talk to your parents about it.

  8. Didn't you have sex-ed?

    Precum still has sperm in it...albeit less, but there is still sperm present, which is why the "withdrawl method" is no longer an accepted form of birth control. That, my friend, is how you knocked up your girlfriend.

    Perhaps the lesson learned here is that you're not old enough to have sex until you at least understand the mechanics of it all. Dick + Pussy - Condom = good chance you'll be a daddy.

    Don't get me wrong, I feel bad and it SUCKS to be in your position...but you fucked her unprotected even though you knew better.

    edit for some factual info:

  9. Good to see that sex education is doing its job! Ignorance of how sex leads to pregnancy is no excuse for a 19 year old. It's time to get responsible. You're creating life, dude. Deal with it. This is no time for the 'poor me' syndrome. If you weren't prepared for having a kid, what the hell are you having sex without contraception for?! Thanks to that one mistake, you're now being ushered into the real world. Good luck with making the right decisions from here on out.
  10. Morning after pill my friends. Oh, and safe sex.

    You fucked up making the kid, don't fuck up raising the kid. That's the important thing now. If she's going to have it, that is.
  11. Dude, to give concent you have to be SIXTEEN...so she is legal...and

    I know it is my kid cus i trust her, she is not a cheater and i know that. But, can precum relly get a chick preggo? apparently lol.

    And rastaman, i knoe....dude i take full responsiblity, but hell......i dont want to have her get an abortion, but i dont want my girl pregnant....AHH this is so much thinking...

  12. Ok, this really pisses me off. I did not ask for someones shoulder to cry on did i? I am not like that.......the only reason i fucked her was cus she wouldnt quit rubbing my cock and making me hard...and begging me....so i finally gave in. Although i am not saying it isnt my fault, this dude up here pisses me off cus im under enough stress as it is....lol
  13. Yeah dude, precum can get a chick pregnant. I was using the pull out method for months though, never got my girl pregnant, there's only like 24 hours inside a month a girl can concieve (although cum can live inside her for a week before that time and still get her pregnant). Now my girl is on birthcontrol. I would prefer to wait on kids, but I love sex and if I end up getting her pregnant, I will accept it, probably leave college, take a management position at my store making 45-50k starting, make it work. These are the kinda things you need to think about before having sex, I knew what could happen to me, and I was prepared to deal with those consequences. The younger you are, the more likely you are to get a girl pregnant (your more potent). Precum can get a girl pregnant, but it's so unlikely. I've got a friend who fucks around all the time, never uses a condom, always cums inside girls, and he's like 23 and has not had a kid, he's been doing this since he was like 16 or 17. For alot of people it's hard to get pregnant. If she actually is pregnant, you just got really unlucky, unless you had a previous condom break or something.

    Is she sure she's pregnant? A late period doesn't mean she's pregnant. I've had a girlfriend MISS an entire period from being stressed out (because she thought she was pregnant).

    Give us a little more information. How long would she be pregnant? Did she take a test? Is she late? How late?

    Hope shit works out for ya man, but if she's pregnant dude, I strongly suggest you devote your life to that child from this point on, you are going to need to get a job with substantial income.
  14. Shoulda gotten the morning after pill, otherwise abortions are like 400-500$, hope u got cash son son
  15. Dude your dumb as hell. Alos age of consent varies from state to state check avert.org/aofconsent.htm to see if you'll be getting charged or not. I always use condoms there inexpensive and very easy to put on. If you were gonna be smart you'd get an abortion because I would hope that you don't want kids as dumb as you.

    Stupid things people complain about when I'm high pisses me off.

  16. Yah dude, I know shes preg cus she went to the doc to get depo and they wouldnt let her cus she was pregnant. And she did take a test.

  17. Dude, seriously....FUCK OFF.. i dont need this shit right now ok? I STATED WHY I DIDNT USE A FUCKING CONDOM.....and dont call me dumb....i didnt do anything to you so you have no right to be an asshole to me for no fucking reason, im sorry but me gettin a girl pregnant isnt a legitament reason for you to call me dumb as hell. Actually im rather intelligent and my teachersd get pissed cus they know i coudl go rilly far in life and i dont try hard enough....But seriously...why the hostility? Its not like i meant for this to happen. It wasnt planned. And i most certainly dont appreciate being called a dumbass or w/e for it..condsidering my curent situation....yeah..dont be a dick

    and also, her mom wouldnt press charges, we already talked about it and shes cool but she said court aint gonna be gettin money from her all the time....AND I ALREADY have a job, not the best pay but it gets me groceries, I have to go finish smoking cus i was hittin the bong then i read this and it threw me into a rage, and im not trying to be an ass in this comment but it offended me when he said that. Peace!
  18. Wait... you fucked your girlfriend raw when you knew she was getting a depo shot? You are a fucking moron.

    Chill with the name-calling!!! *RMJL

  19. FUCK OFF....i didnt know she was going to get it, cus she had to ask her mom first or sum shit and she said she wasnt gonna cus it would be weird to talk about with her mom. And OH MY FUCKING GOD i am soo pissed right now...These assholes are making GC look like a board with a bunch of assholes in it....

    Chill with telling others to fuck off! (Although, no one should have called you a name no matter what they thought about what you did.) *RMJL
  20. Sorry, man, but you gotta think with head and not your dick. How long does it take to run to the drug store and pick up some condoms? What about pills? There's plenty of options, man. Just 'cause your girl's hormones control her doesn't mean you should let 'em control you. If you do that, you're fucked......

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