i cant believe that shit just happened

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHA i was askin my pap for 5 bucks to go get cigarettes and he walked into my room and handed me the five and said "pickup that pen on the ground" n i looked down n my fuckin crackpipe is layin on the ground right in front of me n my pap haha, so i picked it up and put it in my desk, it must have rolled out of the vhs tape box it was in, i'm glad that shit never happened before now, cuz that would be bad as hell
  2. Hahahaha, I picked up a pen the other day and tried to write something when my friend pointed out it was a long birthday candle.
  3. Haha i love blind parents.
  4. lmao thats happened to me before cept it wasnt a crack pipe..
  5. ha either he was blind or tryin to be nice about it
  6. I was breaking up my weed a couple of weeks ago when my Dad barged in. Usually he knocks, so I didn't bother to lock the door. I tried to stand in front of my desk all nonchalant, but my Dad's not retarded.

    "Are you rolling a joint?" I figured the jig was up, so I was just like, "No, I'm breaking up my weed." I was being a smartass, but I was thinking shit, the shit's really hit the fan now. Instead my dad looks at my weed and walks away, and at the door he says, "You need to get a better connection."

    I was just... :O!

  7. Lol, nice
  8. haha, thats awesome. Did you ask him to blaze with you?

  9. lol No not yet, but I'm going to be moving out pretty soon, so I might. Originally I was going to ask him as a joke, but now I think he might do it...
  10. Bahaha....damn. Sounds like your dad gets better weed than you!
  11. For some reason that wouldn't surprise me...
  12. hahahaha man that shit is nuts

    hahah i remember i used to smoke out of a long thin socket wrench, always jus kept it in my pocket. once i was laying on the couch my dad comes in, talks for a while, then goes "hey isn't that your chapstick? lipfusion or whatever?" i look on the floor where he's pointing and see my socket. "yeah, dad...*shifty eyes*..musta fell out of my pocket.." hahaha whew

    'nother time, mom was sifting through my drawers (fuckin nosey bitch..) haha, and she picked up my old highlighter that i used to use as a downstem for my bong and she goes "this highlighter STINKS" and jus tosses it in the trash

    haha fuckin nuts
  13. Lol. Crazy parentals :p
  14. I smoke with my kids all the time...they are all grown and out of the house now, but it is fun smoking with them.

  15. A+ to that! My life would be SOOOOO much worse if I didnt smoke with my mom.
  16. +rep for being fucking awesome
  17. It's much funnier if they lock on something stupid and miss things

    could be by accident or you doing it on purpose but it's damn funny to see someones parent miss a huge half or full o of herb in a sandwich bag along side papers and a grinder making a b-line for how low cut their top is or how they didn't take the trash out

    you can't help but laugh seconds after they leave knowing for sure by then that they totally fucking missed it

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