I can't believe it's really happening

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  1. It was something I talked about a lot. Something people thought I knew a lot about, and something that I portrayed as something that was definitely going to happen in the near future. Only thing was, i really didn't have myself fully convinced that it was anything but conspiracy theory hogwash, despite all i've read. Well, i guess its been gradually hitting me more and more each day as i read the news. Last night was the climax, after seeing a news headline picture of obama, sitting diplomatically in a chair with his hands folded across his knees. The headline: "New World Order." I felt a shiver down my spine, and I literally muttered "i can't believe this is happening," to myself. I felt like i was in some serious action flick and i was the main character. It was a startling thought that stuck with me all last night, until right this morning, as i woke up with my morning coffee, and went to check the news. This time: "New Push for Global Currency." It is a requirement for my major to read the news everyday, and i've seen it drastically get worse and worse since freshmen year (3rd year now).

    I no longer think this is an agenda in action. I no longer think its a conspiracy. I no longer have doubt, and i'm not here to argue. I've done the research, i've read the news, and i've taken the classes. People beware, we are entering the New World Order, and that is no longer a tinfoil-hat term. What's worse, is either nobody care's, or nobody's listening.

  2. What the fuck are you talkin about? Get off that Fox News man. You on some Glenn Beck shit.
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    I think I made it quite clear what i'm talking about. (I love how everybody hopped on the "hate fox news" dick after the Nas Cd came out last year. Fox is just as bad as the next mass media outlet)

    also- never watched fox news in my life. Or any left or right wing biased television shit. This is what we discuss in my current affairs psc312 class. How bout you get off your complacent ass, separate yourself from the rest of the herd, and actually analyze world politics by yourself instead of believing everything you hear on tv, which is part of the globalist agenda anyways.
  4. I don't believe it's as evil as conspiracy theorists would make it out to be. It's been theorized by intellectuals for over a century that globalization, and thus, world Government will happen. Does it mean there's some back-room dealings going on? Sure. Does it mean it descends from some illuminati, or blood descendant incoherence? No. Powerful politicians, with a lot of money, are always looking for ways to get more power. It's called self-actualization, it's what their ego drives them to do. It's the same way with anyone with a hobby. Smoking weed, driving cars, etc. There's always a thirst for more. However, I don't believe it's nearly as dastardly and far-reaching as Alex Jones would have us believe, it's merely the natural evolution of bureaucrats seeking more power.

  5. I agree, and thanks for posting something with substance as opposed to "fuck you, what is this shit," etc.

    It's definitely not how the alex jones' or david icke's make it seem to be. Not at all. I don't look at it as evil in that way. However, I've always believed globalization to be inevitable... mainly because it is. As more things join with one another, things become more globalized. The UN is a great example of furthering globalization (regardless of its effect). Globalization is an inevitable snowball effect, and it will occur because of human nature... but i can't help but envision a little bit of "1984," or "Brave new world," when i think of a new world order.

    If the global monetary system goes through (which it looks very likely now, especially after todays headline reported HSBC bidding farewell to the dollars supremacy) there are going to be serious consequences. Its globalizing money; that which runs everything. That means less hands are in control of what controls everything, and thats not good. It puts more power into an even more select group. I don't get how the thought doesn't scare as many people as it should (not in the icke or jones sense) - globalization isn't a good thing (good in theory, as was communism) and it won't work - but thats for another thread - if enough people clammer for my philosophy on globalization, i'll make another thread- but here, i'm simply stating that a nwo seems extremely plausible now, if not inevitable
  6. yep.

    Old World Order: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini
    New World Order: Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Nike, Pfizer, Standard Oil

  7. Why do you think it is a bad thing? Globalization is something that we need to do in order to succeed as a species. I don't see us being able to do things like space travel without our species united and working together as humans instead of as Americans or Germans or Chinese.

    I could see globalization as a bad thing if it is done wrong, what do you think is going to happen? I would really like to hear some ideas from someone who maybe knows more about this than I do.
  8. All you need is a global economy, which we already have, and a global community (aka internet and other means of telecommunications) to 'succeed as a species'. The only thing I see a global government useful for is to control the global economy and community, so that the benefits from 'succeeding as a species' are reaped by a small ruling elite.
  9. I believe it is a very bad thing. The NWO is really the rebirth of the Anglo-American Empire, or what was previously the British Empire. If you look into Monsanto and how they are virtually enslaving the third world through their GM seed you have to at least think that there are definite negative, almost to the point of diabolical, aspects to all this.

    When are people going to realize that their liberties are never going to simply be returned to them? Do you realize that we are never leaving Iraq and that the "war on terror" will never end? You can already hear the war drums beat for Iran. The NWO or whatever you call it doesnt include you, they dont give a fuck about you so fuck them. What kind of government is the NWO is going to be? I personally dont think its going to be anything resembling a democracy or republic. We are torturing people and incriminating our own citizens for christ's sake.

    Its sad but at this point I believe that everything is going to have to collapse to further humanity. Id rather have anarchy and die a free man then to be rounded up like cattle into some internment camp and tagged with an RFID chip.

    At least we are fulfilling the chinese proverb:

    "May you live in interesting times"
  10. politics is like bowling with the gutter-guards up, the ball can bounce left or right but it will end up at the same place in the end.
  11. Sorry but globalization is a natural social progession as individuals come together to form groups, so groups come together to form nations until eventually we realize we are all humans living on this one planet. The issue isn't in hating the idea of globalization but proceeding with it in such a way that it benefits all humanity. It's going to happen whether we like it or not. As I said, it's a natural progression. The question is, can we direct it down the right path?

    Being against it is like trying to stop the earth from spinning. Just taking on that effort is infinitely improbable. I won't say impossible. Even if it could happen, it would fuck the planet up.

    People don't like it because they only see the bad in it. They see it as something that's taking away as opposed as something that can end up good for us all.

    If you can't see any good in it, then you aren't thinking about it as a whole.

  12. Haha, you're funny. So let me guess....because you READ somewhere that Obama is starting some NWO-we're-headed-to-globalization-666-antichrist bullshit, that's supposed to be separating yourself from the herd???

    First of all, print media can be just as biased as television. But you think that you are "enlightened" to the actual goings on of the world, and you now feel you overstand everyone else. You know what's REALLY going on! LMFAO.

    Guess what?!?! You just migrated from one herd into another herd. The herd of conspiracy theorist retards.

    And at the end of the day, I do think Globalization will eventually happen. Do I think it'll be with Obama? Haha get the fuck out.

    But when it does actually happen.....ask yourself.......what the fuck are you gonna do about it anyways??? :wave:
  13. I think it really happened after 911. We have been living through it for quite some time, under the guise of fighting terroism they have built of the gestapo to enforce a police state, when you step into an airport you have no rights whatsover. They punish the collective for the crimes of the few (the 19 hijackers if you buy into that story), this always results in tyranny and it will be manifested under scaring the public and indoctrinating them to accept it. Most people haven't a clue what is going on, to them I say, keep watching Americas Got Talent, well see how much talent you have when the SHTF.
  14. I'm gonna be complacent, conform, and belittle those that oppose it. Did you see what I did thar? :wave:
  15. This guy already has the rope around his neck
  16. Nobody WANTS to believe in anything as diabolical as the New World Order... facts are stubborn things, though. Nobody gains anything by believing that the future is bleak, yet they still do because the evidence is overwhelming.
  17. When the Nazi's needed to create an 'evil enemy' to make the people beleive the enabling act was to pretect them, they burned down the reichstag and blamed it on the 'Evil communist terrorists' and told people the act was there to protect the people from them.

    When the US wanted to pass the patriot act and strip away constitutional rights with the consent of the people, 'islamic terrorists' flew two planes into the WTC...... 'anti terrorist' laws like legal phone tapping aren't to pretect us, they're to keep us tied down and ready for the anal rape of the NWO.
  18. Atleast we have easy access to guns, I feel bad for you guys over in the jolly old UK.

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