I can't believe I didn't think of this before. (Grow Room Setup Help)

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  1. I sometimes write conversationally. If you imagine me talking to you in your mind, instead of you reading these words, it may make more sense. It might be worded weirdly.

    Why have I never thought to grow it before? I've devoted $200, the price of an ounce, to growing some pot in my room. Three plants (G13 Haze, Little Cheese, and Prozack) that will be LST'd if they need it (Haze) or are doing well enough to be able to do so.

    My grow room is a windowsill in my south-facing bedroom, second floor. It gets plenty of natural light. In fact, the original owners oriented the back of the house (where I am at) to be the sunniest angle for solar panels.

    But I live in Ontario, so I'm supplementing that with 80W of 48" fluorescent tubing.

    The windowsill will be sealed off (but somehow still accessible) with plastic sheets, with a venting system installed going through a carbon scrubber. I mostly get an "in" breeze through the window, so I figure I can keep it open most of the time for some air flow.

    Two fans arrays will be present. On the top right of the sill, room side, there will be a hair dryer or two (without heating coils) providing pressurized air flow in to my room (out of the grow area) and through a carbon filter. On the bottom left, room side, there will be two computer fans. Not sure of the size. 80mm+. The biggest I had in my workshop. These are intake fans. They provide a small pressure increase, which isn't enough to do any filtering, but IS enough to direct the outside air through the carbon filter before entering my room.

    What do you guys use for grow box doors?

    P.S. - If any of you follow Canadian politics, please know that many of us do not support the conservatives. 60% of us, in fact. But our electoral system is fucked and now they're completely in charge. Sorry for Canada in advance.
  2. one fan, on the exhaust... or two, but still on the exhaust side, not on the intake at all.... put some pantyhose to stop unwanted bugs getting into your grow space

    I don't really like the fact that your going to try to grow threw a window... its a bad idea all around, but it could be fun.. hope for the best, but expect the worst... especially if you get pinched...

    oh... and while were having this wonderful conversation in our head, freaky.... don't bother filtering the intake... it wouldn't do anything

    good luck man... start a journal

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