i cant believe i did it...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sassafrasquatch, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Last night i was just sittin on my computer thinkin about how great it would be to be out in town or at a party right now. I thought about getting there, and then i thought about cars. Hmm cars...parents cars....Audi A4...hmm...EUREKA! Yes last night i stole my moms Audi A4 to go cruisin with. My first problem was getting the garage door open silently, so i pulled on that cord that opens it without the electric motor, and i slid the garage door open quietly. Ok when i first started to push it out it got out of control and i almost hit my subarban!! so i quick tried to push it up a lil so id have time to put on e brake but i hit the HORN!! Doh so i went and sat down to chill out cause i thought surely that woke my parents up, but after about 5 min they didnt wake up i had another plan. I took the keys to my subarban and i backed it up like 2 feet so the Audi could get by right... and so i rolled the audi out onto the driveway, started it, and went off...i was out of the house.

    *insert much smokeing, toking, buying water, and more lighters here*

    on the return from my trip i turned off my lights as i rolled up the driveway, and i rolled right into the parking spot, quick shut off the car, and stepped out with all my shit...at least all the shit i remembered. I heard some movement in the house so i quick entered the laundry room and sure enough my dad bursts through the door into the laundry room from the hallway. "What the hell was that noise??!?!" i told him it was the garage door cause the other side door wasnt working, but it was really the car u know. so he says "the garage door needs to be shut!" and he goes out to press the garage door button, and to my surprise it works and the door shuts! well at least i think it did he looked at it for a sec and then came in, then he was like "the barn light needs to be on" cause i turned that off too, and he proceeded outside to turn it on.

    That is all i have heard of my parents since, this was last night, i went upstairs and immediately to bed to avoid confrontation. I think i might have left the keys to the subarban on the ground outside, but i went outside to check and they werent there...i could have brought them in but i cant rmeember, or maybe i brought them in b4... also i found my wallet in the audi this morning, but so far no calls from my parents, and they left me home alone so i know something must have gone right.....im freakin out right now lol waiting for my punishment to fall, but i hope i got away with it, i screwed up on alot of things....oh well it was a good time.
  2. Why did you steal your parents car if you already have one? I don't understand that...that's just being reckless.
  3. subarban is also my parents car...i dont have one but its better to cruise in an Audi rather than a subarban ya know lol
  4. I was thinking the whole time I read it, "da fuck?" Cause he was like, "my suburban".. but yeaaah.
  5. Who wouldn't cruise in an Audi?
  6. Hehehe--One time my GF and I took out her dad's Porsche 911 Turbo while her parents were on vacation!! Then, when they came home, we got stoned, and told them they were shitty parents!! So, yeah, like two weeks ago, her dad had to go out of town for business, and he was like "Be sure no one touches my car". Haha, it was brilliant. Of course, it really isn't that great, because if we would have asked to take his car, he probably would have let us. Anywayz...

  7. ^^hahah^^ probably true
  8. I personally come from a middle class family, but my girlfriend is very upper class. I say when an opportunity is presented to you, you should take it. My girlfriend's dad has some nice cars... I might as well drive them! But yeah, I have dealt with many rich assholes.
  9. tell your parents to fuck the a-4 and rock the s-4.... thats a car worth the price tag.

    or maybe become responsible stop stealing there and buy your own...

    im not raggin on ya.....im just saying....no need to steal a car.... but if i woulda taken it woulda been the audi too....as long as it had the leather...
  10. I HATE ALL THOSE CARS.... i like plain old lil non expensive sports cars...my fav is a lil honda civic ex...
  11. my father has a audi a4 also. its blue with a 2.8 litre engine what about ur parents what size is it

  12. He better be rockin' the 1.8T.

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