I can't believe I am actually going to do this

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  1. If you know me, I just hate the autoflowering section of marijuana, but a friend who also has a card asked me to grow for him and he will pay me for supplies and everything else. He wants it to be finished as soon as possible and started discussing autoflowering strains with me. I decided that I will try them out using a sog method. so, I am asking everyone who knows about auto flowering strains to come up to the table and give me their favorite. He wants a few strains, so I figured this would be the best place as they have guarenteed shipping and you can order single seeds. BTW I live in california. any other questions ask here or PM.

    Please respond... I know nothing about autos.
  2. I can vouch highly for Road Runner. It was AMAZING. Got it for free and couldn't believe it.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys!

    Also, I do not have the lights at this point to start them out (my indoor plants are in their 4th week flowering), so would they be fine outdoors or in a homemade greenhouse? I mean, that with the amount of sunlight. the day has 11 hours of california sunlight directly each day now, and would have 13hours of sunlight when it would finish. Main Question: Worth it, or not?
  4. not outdoors at this time of year even in cali. ideal light for an auto is 18/6 anything 12 hours ad under yield will decrease drastically. so i would say wait on those a bit and keep doin what you are doing till like april or may:smoke:

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