I cannot sleep!?

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  1. Hey so yesterday at about 1 in the aftrnoon i took a 10mg adderall and last nite between 12 and 12:30 in the morning i took 1 ecstasy with a naked women printed on it. Since that time i havent been able to sleep and my eyes are constantly bugged out and wenever i close them they just want to open again. I am more exhausted than i can remember and i dont know why i cant sleep cuz its been 18+ hours since ive taken anything. I know ecstasy gets laced alot but ive never felt this insanely awake, and im shaking constantly and my pupils look bigger than normal. My only guess is that it is laced with speed or something (which ive never taken so idk). Please, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Get some xanax, klonopin or atavan if you can. You just need to smoke some weed and/or get some non-opiate downers. Don't take a shitload, just one or two every half hour until you have it under control. Keep drinking water and shit too, get some carbs in if you can.

    All else fails, just ride it out. It sucks but you will live.
  3. ^ What he said bro.
  4. you probably got a meth bomb if you're still fucking awak holy shit.
    benzos are the way to go if you want some sleep though. i would go with xannies though because that always knocks me the fuck out
  5. shit i have no zannies and i have been smokin weed since i took the ecstasy..my heartrate has also been jacked since i took it..ne1 know how long this kind of thing lasts? it doesnt feel like ill b able to get to sleep 2nite either :(
  6. benadryl and tylenol can help sleep, dont take alot just the recomended dose

    and of course weed or booze if you got it
  7. what kind of benadryl?
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    Dunno bro, could last awhile depending on what exactly is was. Had friends up for 36 hours plus on random e pills (so they say).

    And yeah, taking some benadryl is a great idea.

    Edit: Just like normal benadryl. Make sure the active shit is DPH, diphen-something or other. Should help make you sleepy.
  9. the pills

    if you got them take 2

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