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I cannot sleep, tried OTC

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by frankieD20c, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. I've had insomnia since I was a freshman in highschool, and now, freshman in college, its really taking it's toll on me.
    To the occasional toker: Is there anyone that strictly tokes only before sleep?
    I would like to start doing that instead of in the PM (4:20), which is the only time when I will smoke.
  2. Thats why i started. Than i realized how many other things it helps so i toke multiple times daily now
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    When I'm wired, I'll vape a big bowl about 8 pm so I'm more likely to be asleep before 11 pm. If you do it right before bed (15-45 minutes prior to trying to lay down), I noticed it's more of a stimulant (at least for me). Don't quote me, but I think the sedative properties are mediated by the metabolites of THC, so you have to wait a few hours before your feel sedated and sleepy. If you only do a small bowl or don't do multiple sessions per day, it's more likely that it will be processed out and you won't ever get very sleepy with the maybe insomnia requires a big dose to be sedated? I have an anxiety disorder, so if I don't take something, I'm usually up until 12am-1am...too late. Valerian & melatonin also give me nightmares like Satan out of Hell...other stuff doesn't work very well...and benzos are too addictive and I know better than to rely on them.

    I noticed if I used it throughout the day (2-5 toke sessions) that I'd crash really early, like 8 pm. It would wear me out, kind of like getting shitfaced drunk. So if you enjoy that lifestyle, go for it.But, also, being highly dependent on it makes sleep impossible if you have a dry spell, just want to save money, quit for health reasons, or have to be drug I don't recommend toking more than once daily, although the temptation and urge are definitely present.
  4. Omg I used to have insomnia until I started smoking. Especially now in the summer I'll smoke like multiple times because when your high in my opinion and you just like think or an idea you never lose it
    It just goes somewhere as slowly affects you
    So start to syph a little bit more then just look at the time and be like
    I want to be in bed by like 1
    Then also what I find really helpful is if you can leave a movie on. One that you've seen and you reall like then just jump into bed and watch.
    After a while youll get tired and tell yourself it's okay to sleep because ivr seen this movie before
    Also if you can Leabe on the sleeptimer just push it do it's as much time as the movie is
  5. I take mealotonin. I used to be prescribes a pretty powerful rx that worked wonders. then the doc took me off it and didn't sleep for 4 days. after that I stared taking mealotonin and it worked wonders. I suggest you try that out and it also gives you super vivid dreams its good stuff.
  6. Melatonin, 5-htp, and velarian root. Also try drinking a big cup of hot decaff tea. The warm water/milk will heat your body up and make you sleepy. The milk will also promote sleep as well. Thats why like in happy gilmore she asked for a warm glass of milk :)
  7. Milk is hard to it keeps many people awake, especially those with lactose intolerance or problems digesting casein.

    Melatonin, chamomile, valerian, passionflower, and related compounds tend to worsen nightmares and sleep quality, although they do help you fall asleep...and if they don't knock you out in the first couple hours, you're in for a light sleep. 5-htp seems safer and more effective, but you never know for sure which foods/supplements are doing more harm than good. Most people react differently; I think you're better off just trying to relax instead of get wired at night taking some sedative to help out.
  8. I take lots of melatonin (25mg) and some Vitamin D (5,000-10,000 IU) before bed, it helps me a lot.

    How much TV do you watch, or Call of Duty do you play before trying to go to sleep? :D
  9. I also have bad insomnia, not just awake until 12 or 1 but awake until like 6 or 7 am, lol..

    The only way I can sleep is by having a good session about 2-3 hours before I go to bed. By then the crazy part of the high is over and Im just tired and really relaxed. I still only get about 6 hours of sleep though but its enough.
  10. Also I try to make it the only time I smoke but I enjoy having just 1 bowl in the afternoon aswell lol.
  11. Edibles like pot brownies have always nocked me out, Ive had one tripped out experience from them but the rest of the times I am passed out 30min later. I think I may have been using too much weed.

  12. Instead of smoking before sleep, start exercising during the day, if youre body is tired then you fall asleep easy, atleast this helps for me, get some dumbbels or a dip station even better.
  13. I smoke 70% of the time before bed. Working out doesn't really make me anymore tired, I develop a ridiculously fast tolerance to anything but marijuana, don't know why. Tried pills to sleep before I even considered using weed and every 2 weeks or so I would stop feeling them entirely, and had to switch. When I'd been through them all, I started using weed and for 8 months it's been amazing.
  14. I have started smoking every night over the last month. I enjoy smoking through the day sometimes but it leaves me burnt out and I usually like to sober up but the effects linger until I've had a sleep. I am going to slowly stop smoking nightly when I am off opiates for good and let me brain have a chance to fully sober up and heal.

    I personally don't think it is good to rely on anything for sleep, it is nice to have something though but it usually ends up making you dependant, I was on clonazepam for a year and it helped but I had to get off it because the addiction and withdrawals when I would run out were worse than anything I've ever expirienced!

    My advice is to not smoke heaps, just smoke the smallest amount that will put you to sleep, my main advice though is this..

    - Go to bed the same time every night.
    - Wake up the same time every day (you can let it slide an hour or so on weekends but consistancy is key here)
    - No TV in your bedroom! This has helped me more than anything.
    - Create a routine at night, for example I will meditate for about 30mins then I will read until I start feeling tired and then jump into bed at 11. Just choose things that will relax you and aren't stimulating to the brain.
    - If you can't get to sleep within say 15-20mins, get out of bed and do something relaxing, reading I find is good because it is relaxing (hence why it is in my routine)
    - Make sure lights aren't bright, maybe buy a lamp if you need the light on, it helps you wind down, bright lights will screw up your circadian rythym.
    - Herbal teas are nice about an hour or more before bed (has to be at least an hour before otherwise you will need to goto the toilet)
    - Exercise through the day, even if you just go for a 20min walk, it will help a lot, and helps your mood!

    That's just off the top of my head, hope it helps! I was a harcore insomniac, sometimes I would take 4mg of clonazepam and not even be able to knock my self out (and that's a lot!) and sometimes end up laying there all night and not sleeping for two days straight, it was horrible, but if you get into a habit things will get better slowly, there's no quick fixes really.

    Try not to depend on marijuana, I know I am still doing it nightly but that's more because I enjoy being high and I think the best time to smoke is before bed rather than the middle of the day because I don't want to feel burnt out!

    Good luck!

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