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I cannot not tell anyone.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by vape_babe, May 30, 2009.

  1. I just had the most AMAZING sex evvver!!!! It was insaine. We also used whoppie cream if any of you have heard of it, if not you gotta try it.
  2. I gotta say whip cream just sounds fucking annoying to me. I mean me and some girl going at it shits getting hot and whip cream? Naw I'll get some freshly made cream if ya get me ;)
  3. Its not like actually whipped cream. Its a lube thats called WHOOPIE cream. You put a little on and it give you the most intence orgamams.
  4. ahhh :bongin: cool ::SHOTS!::
  5. That stuff actually works?
  6. Yep it does. its great, deff should try it out.
  7. dahm u a freak girl :]
    i likeeee:wave:
  8. Haha....i dunno if you can say that. Im pretty shy. My boyfriends always telling me to get over it cause weve had sex many times and seen eachother naked...but i just can't get past it.
  9. Sex is amazing! I'm going to my girls place in about an hour. We have unbelievable sex. Every. Damn. Time.

    Love it.
  10. Haha good for you man!! Me an my boyfriend had sex earlyer today. I wouldn't mind going for round number two...but hes at work and doesn't get off until 4am. And im pretty certain that he will be too tired when he gets home.
  11. haha im so fucking shy i hate it :[
  12. Let me tell you something right now. Guys are almost NEVER too tired.

    Go down on him and tell me he's too tired. Not going to happen ;)

    ...or maybe that's just me. idk
  13. So am sucks. Like my boyfriend was asking me if i would give him head. And i have before many times, with different guys. But for some reason i just couldn't bring myself to do it. And i believe it was because we were actually both attracted to eachother and it wasn't just sex. But i brought myself to do it....and have a few times now :) But then again hes only eaten me out like once and it wasn't very i should bring that fact up to him. But....again im too shy :(
  14. Lol well....i have had a guy pass out on me before. I dont want that to happen again....He was also pretty wasted thou.
  15. So i had to tell boyfriend just called and he hes all...
    "so what if i wake you up at 4am when i get off and fuck the shit outta you".
    And i said "i would love that"
    He says "really? i thought you would hate it?"
    I say "not at all haha"
    he says "well it depends on how tired i am....i might end up just coming in and flopping down on the couch"
    LOL.....So there may be a slight possiblity!!
  16. See! I told you!

    Hope you ended up getting lucky ;)
  17. Fuck that. I don't know where this generation of non-eater-outers is coming from but fuck that. I have this conversation with a friend of mine at least once a week, and we honestly just discuss how much we love eating out women. I go down on my woman at LEAST 2-3 times a day.

    I could understand a man not going down on his woman if it really smelled or something, or if she refused to return the favor, but otherwise...

    Tell that motherfucker to stop being selfish and get to work! The best sex / foreplay occurs when each partner is more concerned about the other person's pleasure than they are their own.

  18. Ya my girl knows exactly what to do to get me to go from "not in the mood" to ripping her clothes off. My not wanting sex at a given time is just a minor inconvenience for her. My sex drive is uncontrollable (for me) and she knows it.

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