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    i can use some tips about the grow space i have it's not the best grow box but i tryed my best
    there is no fans in there i will buy one soon,
    The distance between the lights and the plants is 8 cm.
    and there is an hole on the top of the grow box.I'm going to put one fan there and one on the bottom
    i can use any tips for the desing of the grow box.
    The grow box's height is 77.5 cm.and the width 28 cm.
    i don't know if these lights are enough for the plants
    Thanks in advance !!

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    Dude, I'm gonna need some time to digest this one. Very creative use of a Sub Box.
    Please give us the inside dimensions of the box.
    What medium are you growing in?
    Are you feeding? Fertilizing?

    Babies are looking good !

  3. The medium that there are in is with time released nutrients im going to change it in a few days so there is more space for roots
    аnd the liquid fertilizer that im going to use is 8-3-7 but i don't know when to feed them
    and The dimensions of the box is 28x28x77 or about 58212 cubic centimeter i think
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    If you are going to change the medium change the pots too; make them an equal size.
    This will help with the plants growing at the same pace and limiting the stretching(the plant in the smaller container will stretch to the light).
    Learn to trim the inside deminsions of the box are small; the plants look to be a Indica, going by leaf, most Indica and Ruderalis mixes grow short and bushy, so the leaves will be against the side of the box, trim the leaves a bit to make the plants more uniform, give them a little room to breath.
    Air flow is going to be your key factor; the size of the box means heat build up ( I fried my first two tries grows before I realized this); small fan for intake and large fan for outtake creates the most effective air flow.

  5. thanks mate !
  6. The small plant isn't mine
    i'm growing it for my friend
  7. That's a pretty cool idea! Your probably only gonna get 1 plant in there. And given the small interior with the reflective walls, your light is probably ok. Just be sure to give plenty of ventilation in and out. Just make sure it's not so intense the leaves are swaying in the wind. So, if the leaves are moving, slow down the fans.

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  8. im not sure if the lights are enough for the plant
    these a re the lights im useing 2 lights one of them is 23w/825lm-220-240V 230mA-50/60Hz
    and the other one is 20w/1155lm-220-240V 145mA 50Hz is it ok or do i need more ?

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