I can see the Internet being regulated very soon.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Revolution, May 27, 2009.

  1. I love the internet. I can buy things without taxes, I can sell things to people around the world right from my home. I can get music, software, and movies for free, just like they were originally intended to be. I have uncensored news and information right at my fingertips. I'm pretty much free to go where ever I want.

    If you think about it, we have more freedoms on the internet than we do in real life.

    But I'm afraid this will end soon. The internet is set up like a free market system with very little regulation. Most governments start this way and end up heavily regulated, censored, and taxed. In a society where people panic at the first sign of danger and place their trust in the hands of government and big corporations, internet regulation is sadly inevitable. I can see it happening within the next five years.

    People will be scared of terrorists, web bullies, easily accessible porn to minors, hackers, and file sharing. Scares like Chinese hackers or credit card fraud will sway the public into wanting some sort of internet police. Congress is debating a few bills that will eventually create internet restriction and regulation.

    I want to keep the web free. This is a storehouse of truth. Greedy corporation and immoral governments are being exposed through the net. Stories like that would never make it into the newspapers or TVs in our homes. We are in charge of a treasure trove and I don't ever want to give up my freedoms for a "safer" net.

    When the time comes, and I know it will, stand up and fight to keep the internet unregulated.
  2. Inspiring words.

    They were talking about this a few years ago, Net Neutrality. "The internet isn't just something you can pile stuff on, it's not a dump truck. It's a series of tubes!"

    If we lose the freedom of internet we should either prepare for revolution, or prepare to sit back and die in bondage.
  3. No doubt attempts will be made, in fact are being made, to regulate the internet, but it won't happen. Firstly, it's inherent design flows around censorship. This goes back to the days when it was a DARPA project being made to function when large portions of its network were inoperative. Secondly, the amount of information on the web is unbelievably, mind bogglingly vast. Logistically it's just not possible to regulate that kind of information flow.

    So while the establishment will no doubt try to regulate it to keep the status quo (example is the recording industry trying to clamp down on illegal song downloads, which has been completely useless), it's just not going to happen.

    Of course I can't say this with 100% confidence, but just by its design it's a near impossible task.
  4. Man, if i cant rage to some hardcore porn in 10 years, i'll blow shit up.
  5. The problem is that if they try swich to central network. It's going be a huge mess, too many problems. Internet could crash. The server will overload very quickly. The best way is like now, called mesh network where local network and other locals connect together without causing to much problems.

    Good luck gov for trying take over. If they do, there will be revolution. Many people are loving internet now.
  6. Its all cloaked in 'cybersecurity, and cyberbullying" wtf it would make it a felony you offend somone on the net. Its a blatant attack on the 1st ammendment. Suprising that Jay Rockefeller introduced one of these bills?
  7. They've been trying to regulate the internet since al gore invented it... and look where it has gotten them.

  8. SO glad i dont have to deal with this kind of shit in Canada. Fuck me. Having another right revoked every 6 months, jesus.:wave:
  9. There's the rub, they're not rights if someone can take them away. ;)
  10. agreed, our bill of rights is all but gone already. WWIII is around the corner, and the new world order will swoop in to save the day-until they turn tyranical...which will not take long

    watch america:freedom to fascism for free on google

    ron paul 2012
  11. Well...Shit....Thers only one thing to do now...

    Were going to have to recruit Tom cruise....And KILL OBAMA.
  12. The internet is the only place you're still free,
    If you disagree, just you wait and see,
    You wanna lock down the web and throw away the key?
    Well, you better not touch my fuckin' technology,
    So back the fuck off or you're fuckin' dead,
    Yellin' 1337 on a motherfuckin' fed.
  13. The thing is, if they try take over internet.
    I'll just form my own internet and get my friends and family to join in. From there, it'll expand on it's own. It's simple then you think it is.
  14. It would be simple until the Homeland Security would come and bust your "Anti-American Al Quaeda" underground network.
  15. How would the gov know that, if you're running underground network that has no connection to central network? It would be hard for them to track it down the server.....
  16. ^^^ but what would be the point of having such a small underground network such as one in an apartment complex or even a city block. It would be wiser to just invest in some dixie cups and string
  17. lmfao

  18. does that shit actually work?

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