I can only afford one. Which is better MH or HPS?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by jcalmightyNINJA, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. So I'm setting up my grow room for my very first grow. I've been doing a lot of research and up until yesterday I was set on buying the 400 watt HPS Kit from HTGSupply.com. But then I watched a grow video last night and they said that for small grow rooms that Metal Halid would yeild a better crop then HPS. The film was called Grow Dutch, which I downloaded off some random BitTorrent. But to quote the film they said "growers use Metal Halid for small single light grow rooms because when HPS lights are used by themselves they tend to result in long, thin fluffy buds." So now I'm confused on what kind of light to buy. Is this statement true? I know I've also heard from other grow guides that both MH and HPS can each grow a great crop on their own. But I only plan to have one light in my grow room which is about 4' wide by 6' long by 6' tall. So would I be better of going for a single MH or a single HPS. If MH is the better choice are there any Metal Halid Kits available online that are along the same price as the 400 watt HPS kit from HTGSupply.com. Thanks.
  2. get a 1000w hps from ebay for cheap. sometimes you can get a brand new one. (type high pressure sodium kit in Ebay's search bar.)
  3. come on dude, he said small grow, and hes done some research, dont throw useless info at him
  4. What can you expect, good call on the light, you can pick up a 400 watter at htgsupply.com for around 200 and thats with the conversion bulb and all.
  5. your on the right, path ,,,,, htg supply,,, will as chimera stated, sell you a 400 with both bulbs, delivered ''discretlly'' to your dorr for 208.00

    thats where i got mine, m.h. and hps. bulb,,,, and a batwing reflector,,,,

    you cant beat this place,,,, im sold on them..... :hello:

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