i can only admire her existence

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  1. 2nd semester of college started a couple weeks ago, and i had a schedule change to 6th period french.i love french class because im very close to my teacher and she gets me and shes 420 friendly. so anyways on the first day i meet a girl named abby. she looked to be about my age and i was surprised when she told me she was a freshman. we started a conversation and from then on, every time i saw her we said hi to each other. it could just be my imagination but i feel like she flirts with me when she talks to me. anyways i began to develop quite a crush on her, and just today i saw that she has a boyfriend, who oddly looks a lot like me. it kinda pissed me off that she has to be a tease and i just had to express my frustrations in the ways of romance. she is absolutely amazing and i can never have her, just like all the countless others. -end bitching/rant-
    TL;DR- i like a girl but she has a bf and it sucks

  2. what does her having a boyfriend have to do with the equation?
    Rings dont fill holes, wieners do
    but yeah theres a lot of good looking ladies that take french.. i took it for 9 years and there was always upper echelon poontang muskin up the joint... even the teachers were smoking hot 20-30 year olds
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    That's a tough situation dude, sorry to hear that.
    And it's so annoying when they act all flirty when they're with someone, sending wrong messages and shit is wrong.
    Hang in there dude, hopefully things will turn out fine :)
    EDIT: Maybe smoking up with your teacher would help brighten the mood?
  4. A goal has a keeper, but you can still score ahahha
  5. hahah wow guys thanks for the replies that was fast lol yeah man its a fucked up situation like she played with my feelings and got me down man. but what really gets to me is how much her boyfriend looks like me and i keep thinking if i had met her sooner i would have had a shot. as for smoking with my teacher, i dont have the balls to ask her to smoke with me haha and i agree french teachers are hot hahah my french teacher is really hot lol but i guess i just get nervous around hot women. oh well ive just smoked a few bowls and all my homework is done so thats pretty cool i feel better honesstly. still wish i could have had her though.
  6. I've always heard guys tend to over estimate a girls expressions, actions, etc into thinking they want the wang.

    I started to notice that with my self as well. So now I don't assume every girl I talk to that's nice to me wants the d. It also ends up better that way.
  7. Are you serious? Theres so many hot bitches out there. If she has a boyfriend and you really dont know her that well move the fuck on.

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  8. Just be a calm gentleman and see how it pans out, and by this i obviously mean sprint full speed at her while you have an erectionSent from my GT-S5360 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Fuck her boyfriend and assert your dominance in the now-3way relationship. Or find another girl...

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