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i can officially be here now

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. well, today I can finally "legally" under the terms of the forum post here. lol, guess you all know wha i jus turned on the 18th. Golden Bdays kick ass! gonna do some much tomorrow like smoke 18 Blunts, 18 bowls, 18 roaches, and f'ck 18 times with 18 different girls. hmmmm, i dunno bout that last part, i actually dun wanna polute my earth. anyways, the 18s of bud will be on for the next 18 hours, or more. how do all of yous celebrate their bdays or golden bdays?
  2. (Shame on you, Xplicit!!! LOL!)

    Happy Birthday, X!!!!

    I'm all for everything you have planned. I even think you should fuck 18 times...just not 18 girls. I don't approve of that simply because of the pollution factor! :p

    I'm going to smoke some bowls for you. I need an excuse to get high, ya know? I guess your birthday is good enough!!! :D
  3. [​IMG]
    May you live long and prosper my friend.
  4. Happy Birthday!

    For my 18th birthday I bought an ounce and clambaked a tent all by myself. That was cool.

    Then I got my tongue peirced. That was cool too.

    I hope your birthday turns out wonderful :D
  5. Happy birthday X!! Sneaky little punk, lol. :D Hope you have a great one!
  6. Now that you have revealed your true age, we have to expell you from the city.. I guess maybe you should have waited another year before you told us.. Just joking friend...

    Happy B-Day!!!!!
  7. hell yeah happy 18th man. il light up a bowl for ya now cause the weed is callin
  8. i smoked a one hitter for ya (lol)
    got some chronic right now and only need about 3 hits. but those 3 hits are for your birthday
  9. Happy Birthday :)

    Enjoy it, smoke alot of weed.
  11. happy birthday, man, can't wait till I'm 18

    JUST KIDDING! :D :D ;)
  12. man, i dun even remember my bday. its all vague, smoked the whole day. jus tha way i like it

  13. The way it should be!!!
    On my 18th I got a tatoo! (its awesome...I cant see it right now, its on my back, or Id explain it to confuses me sometimes when I see it)
  15. i was thinkin bout gettin a tattoo, buh den i figured that id prolly get stoned, go and ask for a stupid tattoo id regret getting like this
    and then mess it up at the same time.

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